2003-03-07 13:00:44 ET

Alright...I had my laugh for the day.

This kid that I definitely used to give shit to in High School for trying to be "spooky" and "hardcore" (Since, I was the only kid in my High School..allowed to be "spooky") definitely IM'ed me today (having seem my picture online somewhere) hitting on me. Hahhahha..I definitely had fun w/that.


It amused me, alright.

Hhahahh..I was really bad. I definitely used to be some uber gawth batfarter (still am :P) who would push people that weren't Goth Enough(TM) into lockers and such. Awful.

I haven't slept for 30+ hours.


My father was just watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I always knew he was a creepy kid toucher.

I know where I get it from.

I'm going to sleep now.

2003-03-07 13:03:30 ET

my parents watch cartoons when there aren't even any kids in the room... though i suppose that just comes from years of parenting...

2003-03-07 13:07:43 ET

thats fucking funny!

2003-03-07 13:13:36 ET

sleep baby.

unbridled silly fun tonight!

2003-03-07 20:20:00 ET

<3 The *perks* of being high school bully...
Well, when i was allowed to actually attend school hrm..

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