2003-03-10 09:06:02 ET

Lookie at the new "Poster Rivet".

2003-03-10 09:11:06 ET


There's the link for you lazy fuckers.

(I like the pic baby ::grins::)

2003-03-10 09:11:29 ET

hehe, that's great...i was an old-sk00l poster rivet

and why don't you post the link?

anyway: http://www.sykospark.net/poster/?c=rivet

2003-03-10 09:17:02 ET

My award thingee won't work.

I shouldn't have sent in a happy Bea picture. Rivets don't smile.

2003-03-10 09:45:02 ET

yea .. you must NEVER smile! it will kill the image of our evil vampire culture! bleeehhhh!!

2003-03-10 09:48:38 ET

::grins till she falls over from the expense of energy::


2003-03-10 09:48:54 ET

lol! so cuteeeeeeeeeee!

2003-03-10 09:49:38 ET

Yea..I should've slathered on more corpse paint.

2003-03-10 10:15:54 ET


2003-03-10 10:23:34 ET

LoL. Or brought some of dem corpses wid ya for the shoot.

2003-03-10 11:18:51 ET


Now you are a poster.

2003-03-10 11:36:57 ET

So are you actually.

My Police Athletic League friend :D

2003-03-10 11:39:12 ET


2003-03-10 11:40:10 ET

<3 Semites.

The Israeli kids have one up on you tho :)

2003-03-10 11:47:02 ET

I <3 the Semites, too.
::peer Insomnia::

I'm a cultural Jew.
That means I just take the good parts like the food and calling people antisemetic.

2003-03-10 11:52:26 ET

I'm Polish and German.

So I get neither ov that. But I do get the the good musical parts from my Deutsch heritage.

With none ov that Funker enthusiasm.

2003-03-10 11:59:16 ET

Some one should start an industrial klezmer band. :X

2003-03-10 12:10:09 ET

Maybe the Israeli kids will be down.

I'm not Jewish , so I can't represent. But I will talk to my Jewish friend from Bloomfield about it. The one that lives with DC.

2003-03-10 12:14:01 ET

i live with a jew??? ::starts packing bags:: im moving out! haha lol, naa, len knows i LOVE him :)

2003-03-10 13:06:54 ET

Hey now Bio, just cause I look like a neonazi doesn't mean I'm a Jew hater. Other races, however. . .

2003-03-10 13:19:06 ET

None of you are allowed near my kids.

2003-03-10 14:11:48 ET

I don't want to touch your kids...

You're a taken man , Bio. Who is left to kid touch around here =/?

2003-03-10 14:13:53 ET

Bio u part of the big Jewry conspiracy? I knew it! (Woops, did I say that out loud?) <non-jews may not laugh>
Polish/Latvian-Polish/Ukrainian Jew be my heritage.

Btw - good Israeli J3wK0r3 EBM act: Observe & Control

2003-03-10 14:15:27 ET

I'm Italiojewc0re.

::puts thumbs in suspenders::

Why, that's right, I am a taken man. ::struts::
Oh man. Are there any kids in our psuedo-social-circle, anyways?

2003-03-10 14:15:28 ET



2003-03-10 14:27:59 ET

Thank you Insomnia.

2003-03-10 15:07:39 ET

Thank you?

2003-03-10 15:39:17 ET

Thank you Lord..for this juicy pineapple :D

2003-03-10 16:10:52 ET

J3wC0r3!!!! Assign may very well be the 1st Jew technoid project. :::psst::: I hear the ub3r rivet act Life [C]ried has a J3w and a Mexican in its ranks!

2003-03-10 16:12:50 ET

I'm too German for j00.

I will no longer show my tits for Life [C]ried.

2003-03-10 16:14:07 ET

damnit, im guilty by association and i cannot tell a lie .. life cried does have some jew in it! bah! lol

2003-03-10 16:14:33 ET

I'm sure if you call L[C] a minority organization you can get government funding.

2003-03-10 16:14:56 ET

Yea..guilty by association as well.


2003-03-10 16:16:07 ET

die jewish ananas!

jew condition ..

bio jew! (your guilty too, dont liee!!)

2003-03-10 16:18:05 ET

Technically he is a BIO JEW.

As I told Wintersemite, "You're only a Jew when it's convenient to be one"

2003-03-10 16:21:28 ET

My guilty?


I only acknowledge my Jewish heritage in opportunistic situations.
Like when I get to call people antisemetic.

2003-03-10 16:42:25 ET

Birds of a feather...

2003-03-11 08:37:21 ET

Sheqse Ananas = yum.

2003-03-11 09:14:23 ET

Do I smell a side project?

2003-03-11 09:16:04 ET


2003-03-11 09:16:55 ET

Go for it kids, Bio and I have a special utterly offensive project we need to get going on. . . and we can have horrible music battles.

2003-03-11 09:19:15 ET

*he he he*

What are you guys gonna call it? I vote for Death Tree..because Tree ov Life is just too damn synthpop.

2003-03-11 09:20:28 ET

It's just a symbol.

2003-03-11 09:21:34 ET

Kinda like Prince ?


Makes sense. Bio loves the c0q.

2003-03-11 09:22:12 ET

Well it sure is offensive like Prince. We can't post it.

2003-03-11 09:56:35 ET

We're going to try and fit the word `Genocide` in the name.
As well as `Organ.`

'cause if there's nothing more terrifying than Genocide, it's Organs.

2003-03-11 10:00:57 ET

Brighter White Organ Genocide Now?

2003-03-11 10:06:06 ET

Bio stop kicking my organ, lets be serious here.

2003-03-11 10:07:31 ET

Someone kick mine :P


2003-03-11 10:51:43 ET

Aryan Angels?

LET THE RECORD SHOW: This half of the project does not dislike people of certain ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, heights, or religious affiliations.

2003-03-11 11:04:35 ET

It's not about being offensive, it's about acting offensive.

I like people of all sexual orientations - especially those who are, truly, all sexual orientations. That is, unless they're ugly, or also fall into one of the other groups I don't like. . .

2003-03-11 12:21:14 ET

LoL. That's like saying "I only hate two things: racists and jews."

If i ever start a project it's gonna be called "Parallel Port" (hoorah for psych trance)

Anything non-trance will be called "Synthetic Aperture".

2003-03-11 12:25:20 ET

Mine will be called "The Cyber Pineapple."

2003-03-11 12:31:27 ET

or in hebrew: ha`ananas ha`kiberneti

2003-03-11 13:45:14 ET

You can't score points with me, Bio.

{I did not just edit this post. I certainly didn't. Wrong can o'worms]

I will keep my lifestyle choices to self from now on .Ha

2003-03-11 21:04:19 ET

Hmm..? You prefer the fruity persuasion?

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