Erica the Hutt
2003-03-11 09:59:19 ET

I just saw someone that my ex MIGHT HAVE Been cheating on me with on a "gaffik" porn site.


I feel so good about my body , and so disappointed in his taste. Girl must be under 5 foot about 130 I'd say. If you want a link..I will provide one. But dear God..she should give EVERYONE a self esteem boost.

John sez(2:51:35 PM): Her legs are like horse legs.
John sez (2:52:48 PM): I sure as hell woudln't sign up to see n00dz of her.
John sez (2:53:10 PM): I'd sign up to see her put more clothes ON.


Not that I don't miss him, I'm just questioning his taste :D Moving on..I want to see that movie about that guy w/the rats.

In case you didn't know..I am that creepy guy w/the rats. Chances are if you come over, I will make my rats crawl on you :)

And last but not least I cringe @ my reproductive system. I want a coq. No ovaries=no pain.

2003-03-11 10:05:40 ET

yeah, but think of all the obnoxiousness of early menopause..for you and the people around you.. plus a scar from the surgery...

2003-03-11 10:07:00 ET

I just curse genetics.

Always wanted to be male.

A male in girl's clothes :P

2003-03-11 10:16:19 ET

in general guys do get the easier life...

-they're normally taller, therefore can reach more things
-they don't bleed/cramp/have to shove cotton in their privates for one week a month
-they get the comforable shoes
-they get congratulated when they "score" and a chick gets shunned..
-they can take take off their shirts when it gets hot
-they can pee standing up (w/o it running down their leg)
-they can wear pants to black tie events
-they don't have to shove a watermelon through a hole the size of an orange

the only downfall is people can really see when you're horny

2003-03-11 10:17:02 ET

That sure sucks... I dont like rats.

2003-03-11 10:23:44 ET

Shiiiiiiiieyyyyyyyyat..I know all about not being to able reach things.

And I will accomplish peeing standing up one day :)

2003-03-11 10:43:31 ET

I'm sure you could do it.. its not hard just dont wet your panties.

2003-03-11 10:43:57 ET

Pee in a sports drink bottle :)

2003-03-11 10:44:46 ET

Yeah and give it to one of the high school football players in your local area.

2003-03-11 10:52:32 ET

i used to have a bunch of mice...i'm not really a rat man

2003-03-11 10:57:04 ET

i tried once.. i was drunk, and it was just a mess

2003-03-11 10:57:31 ET

Yeah, you want the c0q, don't you. :P

<3 short gals <3.
No love to menstruation.

2003-03-11 10:58:48 ET

Oh please if you're drunk just piss in your pants whats the difference you have the perfect excuse right there.

2003-03-11 11:22:49 ET

ditto on the cringing at my reproductive system. no doubt.

2003-03-11 11:35:56 ET

i despise the red massacre. thank god its over today for me </too much information>

2003-03-11 11:43:16 ET

hahaha, your silly as fuck today ananas! ::giggles like a bitch::

2003-03-11 11:44:49 ET

Anyone else pissed on themselves while being drunk?

2003-03-11 11:45:40 ET

Ask the people taking advantage ov me :P

2003-03-11 11:47:25 ET

Hmmm... thats fucked up unless you were cool with it.

2003-03-11 11:47:40 ET

down with uterus.
mother russia invaded last week. casualties: 2 pair panties.

wait, is 130 on a 5' frame fat or thin? my mind cannot even comprehend a five foot tall person and how much they should weigh. if i were 130 i would be a beanpole though. HMMM

2003-03-11 11:48:07 ET

Dood..I'm the village bicycle.

Drunk/sober/ it ever makes a difference :)

2003-03-11 11:53:11 ET

Rust RYN:I'd say 4'11 and 130 isn't stick thin in my honest opinion. I'm not stick thin either, but I wouldn't trade ME in for her :D

<3 Russians..I'm all about them now. Especially, since Polina told Len she wants to hit some pineapple.

2003-03-11 11:57:08 ET

whoa whoa whoa we're going under five feet now ?!?!! rust isn't ready for such small folk. i agree 130 would probably be pretty rotund.

russian soldiers are sooo much hotter than germans. all the rivet chicks should be after russians. their uniforms are cooler too.

2003-03-11 12:00:24 ET

If I were a stereotypical rivetchick, I suppose I'd go for uniformed mens.

(It kinda does nothing for me )

I'd rather see the womynz in them. I like my mens "pussy".

Yes 4'11 130 <Bea tall und skinny *griiiin*

2003-03-11 12:03:45 ET

Platforms and big hair = big trick.

2003-03-11 12:05:31 ET

Yea Bio, you do a pretty good job fooling me :)

2003-03-11 12:05:37 ET

village bicycle... have you ever been stolen?

2003-03-11 12:06:09 ET

These aren't my real legs, either.

2003-03-11 12:06:28 ET

Ask around the Jersey industrial scene.

Depends who slipped me the roofie that day.

2003-03-11 12:14:11 ET

Roofie colada.

2003-03-11 12:33:38 ET

I got to get out of Florida ... I heard the indsutrial scenes up north are much better. Theidea of a industrial scene in FL is fuckin goths.

2003-03-11 13:44:01 ET

The Florida scene is lamer than pseudo trash pr0n internet "models" nad Biomechanic.

2003-03-11 13:45:34 ET

2003-03-11 13:45:43 ET

I love nad biomechanic.

What an meet that was.
`Take it off!`

2003-03-11 13:47:48 ET

I must've missed that Sk meet :(

2003-03-11 14:06:10 ET

Yeah well... I feel even worse about it. I promise though its not my fault. I want to go to New York.

2003-03-11 14:13:35 ET

That was the first nyc meet - when the nyc contingent was only me, Bio, and silicone.

2003-03-11 14:17:33 ET

Yeah I'm stuck in Florida and I'm almost left with no choice but to wait for good industrial artists to come down here instead of going to their lame events ruled by goths I dont really have anything against goths because I dont hate someone or dislike someone because they have a different lifestyle but to have people in Florida think Goths as the first time when they hear the words Industrial Music. Its fucking annoying... however I do find Neo-hippies and candy kids annoying as fuck.

2003-03-11 14:20:57 ET

Really, Insomnia, that's crazy oldschool.

No Raine or Storm or Chris(s) or anyone? Yikes.

Hey, Mech, it could get worse.
In New York people think Industrial music is trance with distorted vocals.

Although, I <3 Lycia.

2003-03-11 14:22:47 ET

Wait no Raine was on here then. She was before me - she just didn't come to the meet. Storm/dc weren't on yet.

2003-03-11 14:23:10 ET

here is the obligatory c0q for ms. bea's thread :

2003-03-11 14:23:31 ET

You'd only join when Raine told you to... not when I did. Oi.

You love the c0q, ms. core.

2003-03-11 14:24:21 ET

Yeah cause the only way I could find out what she was up to was by reading her journals. I don't recall you trying to get me to join.

My c0q post was better.

2003-03-11 14:24:59 ET

who wouldn't? .. i mean look at it, if i stare at it long enough, i swear it winks at me.

2003-03-11 14:27:34 ET

Oh thats bad! Trance with distorted vocals?? Thats horrible.

2003-03-11 15:21:28 ET

Man, why do guys always do that. They always go for the lame girls after they break up with the cool ones.

2003-03-11 15:26:02 ET


2003-03-11 15:30:58 ET

Oui, trance avec distorted vocals. What's next? Trance avec distorted guitars?!

Those bastards.

2003-03-11 15:34:49 ET

With techno drums! Oh yeah! I had one kid say it sounds like Retro... I wanted to kick him.

2003-03-11 15:37:20 ET

It's all good.
I love my distorted house music, anyways.

2003-03-11 15:47:53 ET

He didn't dump me for her. He dumped her for me...but..I had a feeling he didn't fully dump her. Oh well. Damn femme bois.

I want c0q in every thread.

I <3 poultry. It turns me on.

2003-03-11 15:50:35 ET

*pukes on house music*

2003-03-11 15:54:47 ET

i'm oldsk00l to too...
...not that it really matters...

2003-03-11 15:56:52 ET

I'm not... I've been here since Oct I think

2003-03-11 15:57:53 ET

i'm pretty sure i was the 13th person to sign on...

2003-03-11 15:59:08 ET

Aren't you all special?


November ov 2002, I believe.

Not like it matters. I want more c0q.Stick to the matter at hand.

2003-03-11 15:59:29 ET

You are a god damn fiend of c0q.

::hides innocence::

2003-03-11 16:00:25 ET

Don't tell me... me.

Wintertower and I were fighting about you the other day.

He saw you first, so I lose.

2003-03-11 16:02:38 ET

Heheheh I'm going to play Quake 3 with my co workers.. PEACE! I wish I had the music though Front Line Assembly r0qs my world.

2003-03-11 16:03:25 ET

Bill Leeb loves my c0q.

2003-03-11 16:10:52 ET

Man, if I had to pick between you and Towermute.

I'd probably pick Towermute.
Then Wintertower and you at the same time.
And then you, I guess.

2003-03-11 16:12:36 ET

Holy TALL PEOPLE Batman,

So basketball player/lawn jockey kinkc0re.

2003-03-11 16:13:52 ET

It's so much better to be w/someone when you don't get a backache doing it. And when you can look each other in the eyes -

2003-03-11 16:13:58 ET

hahah the lawn jockey!!!!

2003-03-11 16:14:44 ET

Yea all hail 5'4 femme bois.

2003-03-11 16:18:12 ET

My poor back. Oi.

2003-03-11 16:20:59 ET

i swear here and now that one day i will come out, and i shall bring a stepstool.

2003-03-11 17:01:26 ET

speaking of big and little.. c0qs come in many sizes as well ;)

2003-03-11 17:02:45 ET

Three c0qs is a lot to handle.

2003-03-11 17:05:38 ET

i've heard you can handle it ;)

2003-03-11 17:15:42 ET


2003-03-11 17:19:50 ET


carry on.

2003-03-11 17:26:44 ET

I'd love to fall asleep w/some c0q today.

But all I have is this soft, neon 7 foot snake.

I wonder if they make stuffed c0q.

2003-03-11 20:06:01 ET

Yeah of course they do... and by the way Bill Leeb loves me.

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