Biomechanic says:
2003-03-13 14:46:05 ET

Thriller39: Man, I can't see anything pineapple flavored without you haunting me now.
Thriller39: Oh and there's Banana flavored orange juice in the fridge. Christ. It's like drinking some sort of Beahybrid.

I hope when you all eat ananas you think of me.

2003-03-13 14:47:19 ET

That Thriller39 kid sucks.

2003-03-13 14:47:50 ET

He sucks the pineapple out ov odd juice hybrids.

2003-03-13 14:50:13 ET

yea, i heard he likes to feel up on the c0q ..

2003-03-13 14:51:37 ET

DC..I will have to take him to Wendy's when I have money. You get plenty ov c0q w/the .99 cent menu.

2003-03-13 14:52:11 ET

That Thriller39 kid could suck a golfball through a garden hose.

2003-03-13 14:54:36 ET

They definitely said "pineapple" in the movie Chicago last night -

2003-03-13 14:54:40 ET

bea: hahahahah!
bio-dan: hahahahha!


2003-03-13 14:55:49 ET

Did Catherine Zeta Jones use pineapple for illicit purposes?

2003-03-13 14:56:33 ET

No, Lucy Liu's character was rich cause her parents owned a pineapplefarm.... or something.

2003-03-13 14:59:31 ET

Oh man...I'm up for pineapples off Asian girls.

I will need volunteers for this.

2003-03-13 15:38:48 ET

volunteers :::raises hand:::

2003-03-13 16:53:53 ET

shit, i actually do think of you when i see pineapples ....kind of scary actually (o_O)

2003-03-14 05:56:13 ET

When you all eat's like constantly having me in a sexual situation.

I urge you not to eat any. I don't want to be subsconsciously violated.

2003-03-14 06:15:25 ET

oh fuck, so do I, and I don't even know you !


2003-03-14 09:30:57 ET

I'd rather violate you in person.

2003-03-15 13:31:54 ET

I was pineapple raped.

2003-03-15 13:38:52 ET

Me and Noa went out for burgers tonight, and she had a burger with ananas, and I was like "fuck?! I can't believe I'm actually thinking of die cyber ananas now."

That's just sad.
It's like, it's weird for me to think there's actually real people behind these journals... I mean, do you guys ever talk about people on the net you've never met?
Like "Ooo, did you see the cool pics cyberbunny posted on her page?" or stuff like that? Or is it just us bored Israelis?

2003-03-15 13:39:55 ET

Just you guys.

We see each other in person all the time, and have enough shit to talk about each other. heh.

2003-03-15 13:43:50 ET

we see eachother all the time too, but.. *sigh*

I guess we're just sad losers. *faces the facts*

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