2003-03-18 14:53:38 ET

My undercuts get higher and higher. That shit is almost up to my eyebrows now.

And I have those shaven pineapple sideburns too now.


2003-03-18 15:04:22 ET

sideburns, hardcore yo!

2003-03-18 15:13:11 ET

I invented sideburns.

2003-03-18 15:32:36 ET

that was you???? i thought it was that "thriller39" kid that invented them .. you should beat his ass for fronting.

2003-03-18 15:33:51 ET

That Thriller39 kid invented having a goatee SANS mustache.

2003-03-18 15:35:33 ET

ohh, right .. gotcha!

2003-03-18 15:36:27 ET

i had that type of undercut over the summer with my Terminator 2 : John connor haircut... i still laugh at the photos and wonder why in gods name did i decide to do that to myself lol.

2003-03-18 16:09:52 ET

I don't have TRUE pineapple sideburns..theirs just kinda float shaven into the middle of their heads. Mine are a little more organized :P

But I want to shave more off now .

I invented the undercut.

2003-03-18 16:31:48 ET

ehhhhemm...I believe that I invented the goatee SANA mustache. I'mma have ta' start killin niggas.

2003-03-18 16:40:09 ET



We remember the pr0n stache.

2003-03-18 16:55:16 ET

I'll join you in your obviously hateful quest for racial purification, Wintermute.


2003-03-18 17:40:19 ET

don't be a hater, bio

2003-03-18 17:57:26 ET

I've seen the photos of the JERSEY PRON STACHE flirtation...
Pure Man sex, I must say.


2003-03-18 18:00:32 ET

re: undercut

meeeeeeeee toooooo

2003-03-18 23:12:45 ET

bio - sideburns waz my idea. THEY STOLES IT FROM US!! Filthy, Tricksy biomechanics!!

2003-03-19 01:21:18 ET

im trying my DAMNDEST not to let my undercut get outta hand, heh when i was younger i got TOO out of hand with the Bic razors...but no matter what, i ALWAYS end up with this same fucking hairstyle i've sported for 7 damn years now..Ahh my baldie days <333

2003-03-19 07:24:37 ET

i'm still trying to get my undercut higher, damn suburbian barbers, i'm not a butch lesbian for christ's sake, it shouldn't go halfway down my head

2003-03-19 10:40:11 ET

*i* did this .. and *I* did that too .. im just GREAT!


2003-03-19 12:24:39 ET

lack of capitalization = instant modesty.
no matter what you're saying.


2003-03-19 12:27:49 ET

btw, i shaved my head TO-THE-SKIN last night :) i still have long hair in the front though .. but 3/4ths of my head is BALD! wheeee!

2003-03-19 12:29:08 ET

FUZZY ....


2003-03-19 12:29:41 ET

fuzzy THE bunny :)

2003-03-19 12:30:56 ET

I beg your pardon.

How silly of me.

2003-03-19 12:33:16 ET


2003-03-19 12:35:01 ET

I bet you don't miss your INCH anymore, huh?

2003-03-19 12:36:56 ET

no, not at all :)

2003-03-20 20:18:08 ET

shaven pineapples fuck much more horny.

2003-03-20 20:18:57 ET


2003-03-21 11:14:32 ET

the back of my head is shaved.. used to be the underside.. but now its creeping and creeping up my cranium..

random but hey

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