Ohio part 6387623876426
2003-03-25 05:56:06 ET

So my nigga Rotny from Ohio, tells me that my picture is on some promotional flier for a Goth Night somewhere in where else..but....Ohio.

See..OHIO..is haunting me, it's a sign.

I wish people let me know those things BEFORE taking my pictures though. It's annoying.

The Pineapple is not shareware. :)

2003-03-25 05:58:11 ET

creepy shit.

2003-03-25 05:58:28 ET

I'm going to start an 80s night just to put you on the flier.

2003-03-25 06:08:22 ET

At least you're letting me know about it :)

2003-03-25 06:41:36 ET

damn, you should call the place

2003-03-25 07:26:42 ET


2003-03-25 07:30:18 ET

Oh snap! She just called you freeware!

2003-03-25 07:31:19 ET

At the basic level perhaps.

But paid accounts are much more efficient, prompt, and highly reccomended :D

2003-03-25 09:17:36 ET

"oh snap!" bahh!

2003-03-25 09:18:30 ET


2003-03-25 10:53:24 ET

OMG... you said "SNAP!"
::moves Bio from COOL buddy section to GAY buddy section::

I feel you Pineapple - I can't tell you how many times I've gotten
calls from friends in the fetish scene, laughing hysterically, saying

Freeloaders. lol

In other self-promotional news, look who's the newSTEEL COUTURE
poster Elf! *grin*

2003-03-25 11:24:45 ET

Yea..if they're going to use my face/body might as well buy me dinner beforehand. Like kidtouchers do to Bio. That's all I ask.

Poster elf? That kinda looks like Chris.

2003-03-25 11:36:47 ET

niceee! hah, my kind is hard to come by :P

2003-03-25 11:59:34 ET

storm.. you're definitely holding a crossbow hahaha awesome

2003-03-25 12:34:45 ET

Hahah... yes, we are very rare sir.

2003-03-25 12:46:42 ET


2003-03-25 12:47:45 ET

*wonders if DC could LIFT a crossbow*

2003-03-25 12:55:21 ET

The key to elvish aesthetics is the combination of lithe elegance and strength.
I think you should doubt not dc's hidden powers...

...especially when he gets a running start. :-P

2003-03-25 12:58:55 ET

or a few drinks :)

2003-03-25 13:02:10 ET

you forgot to mention that fact that the majority of elves maintain very good hygene an still look good while whooping ass on the battle field .. we are never sweaty an dirty like dwarfs or mortals .. :P


2003-03-25 13:54:03 ET

</you die>

Speaking of which.

I was thinking.
You know the Decepticons?

I mean, they're not being very deceiving if they blatantly have the word "deception" integrated into their name.

I mean, c'mon, would you trust some one who was a Decepticon?

2003-03-25 14:03:34 ET

hahah! no i definatly wouldnt bio, but thanks for making me laugh at work :)

2003-03-28 15:37:43 ET

i hate it when people just use me for my body :-P

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