Karmic anal rape.
2003-04-25 13:24:11 ET


As ov now neither Len nor I have any money, a job, a working cell phone nor a vehicle. Gah...I'd like to hope that things will get better soon. This being poor thing sucks.

2003-04-25 13:43:18 ET

money = pain in the ass

2003-04-25 13:45:22 ET

at least you have a computer

2003-04-25 13:49:57 ET

Computers ..unlike cold hard, cash..doesn't pay bills, get you drunk, or take you to clubs.

Watch tho..that will explode too.

2003-04-25 13:50:14 ET


2003-04-25 13:50:50 ET

Yes, Miss Angie...:( indeed.

2003-04-25 16:07:01 ET

Good luck darlings. ::karmic hugs::

2003-04-26 14:47:38 ET


being rich is better than being poor; if only for financial reasons.

2003-04-26 16:24:26 ET

I can deal w/out swimming in diamonds.

But a car would be nice.

And maybe

hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooookers :P


2003-04-26 19:30:20 ET


PS - ugly people suck.
That's my enlightened quote of the day.

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