This useless update was brought to you by the letter B
2003-04-30 15:43:38 ET

I think I'm losing myself =/

I haven't worn anything faux on my head in about a month. I resemble your average run ov the mill girl in boots and band shirts.I refuse to use the dreaded r word.

This has got to stop.

There will be another Golden Age ov the Pineapple.

There will be a Pineapple Renaissance.


2003-04-30 15:46:09 ET

i had hair once...

2003-04-30 15:47:23 ET

I don't have much hair.

I have rather a high undercut, badly in need ov a BIC-ing.

2003-04-30 15:48:28 ET

sometimes you just get too lazy to do your hair.

2003-04-30 15:49:25 ET

Sense ov aesthetics vs. my inner Peggy Bundy.


2003-04-30 16:05:08 ET

Dude... after the Ball, I'm getting braided. And undercut.
I might be fruity before YOU are.
Imagine that... LOLOL

2003-04-30 16:21:55 ET

I bet it'll happen, Storm. Pineapplebea is lost to us now. . .

2003-04-30 16:22:05 ET

I await the pinapplness

2003-04-30 16:24:49 ET

getting back to the big hair is like giving birth

uhh.. or 'being reborn'


2003-04-30 16:53:53 ET

Well, head is getting shaved tomorrow.

Cyber trashy doom returns on Friday :P

2003-04-30 17:39:20 ET

i like it without the braids!

2003-04-30 18:30:33 ET

so if soon there will be a pineapple renaissance, then this is the pineapple dark ages?

2003-04-30 19:54:10 ET

long live the pineapple!!

2003-05-01 13:32:30 ET

Angie: Yes, it is. A terrible time indeed!

2003-05-01 13:39:26 ET

I SAYS: Nix the braids for a while!
Then when you go back to them, people will be all:
"Oh, Bea, we missed your braids!"

And during that time we will enjoy you SANS braids.
You look DECENT/ABOVE PAR SANS braids.

2003-05-01 13:40:43 ET

Yea bea...maybe you should really try the more natural look...maybe even the brows too...just to see the response y'know!

2003-05-01 13:43:16 ET

Do it for attention.
Who doesn't like attention?!

I know if I rock the khakis and polo shirt, I'll get attention.
So if I can find me some khakis and polo shirt, I'll get me attention.

2003-05-01 13:47:46 ET

hell yea!!!

2003-05-01 14:55:27 ET

The shock value got old circa December.

When people thought I was Raine at the LOTR party.

2003-05-01 14:56:58 ET

Don't get me started on the LOTR party.

(Once Raine told me she was mistaken for DISTORTEDSOUNDZ.)

2003-05-01 14:58:10 ET

So, then in reality *I* was mistaken for Coral, if you follow that logic.

2003-05-01 15:00:39 ET

Therefore you are Coral.

Me, too.

2003-05-01 15:17:37 ET

oh lord...not this ''i thought this person was CORAL or DISTORTEDSOUNDZ'' thing again...i think people are just trying to be assholes

2003-05-01 15:24:01 ET

I'm going to put the thing through my nose, lose some weight, get some tattoos, stuff my chest, get some new clothes, and start pretending to be CORAL or DISTORTEDSOUNDZ.

And someone would have to chop off my shins to get the height right!!
HAR HARH ARHT%H#@!^!Hhaha. oi.

2003-05-01 15:24:29 ET

Raine is often mistaken for Caw-ral.

Today she got mistaken for Natalie Portman... moving up in the world!!

2003-05-01 15:24:31 ET

Bio, stop trying to be Coral.

Start trying to be me :)

2003-05-01 15:26:26 ET

What do you think I devote every day of my life to?

2003-05-01 15:28:23 ET


2003-05-01 15:31:37 ET

im not afraid to say that one must feel awfully insulted if they get mistaken for me hah..

Especially if there are very significant diffrences between me and that person..It just leads me to believe people are just being assholes..
Eh..Raine looks better than Portman...i think Portman looks too ''girl next door''

Bio..keep growing that beard you'll catch up to me i swear!

2003-05-01 15:37:06 ET

I hate Natalie Portman. I don't see why everybody wants to stick it in her.

I'd probably do coke off her though.

2003-05-01 15:39:50 ET

Portman is in the Jennifer Love Hewitt section in my eyes...there is absolutely NOTHING that stands out about her whatsoever...well..Hewitt has a great rack thats it

i dunno...i am one of those people that stay true to one star...even if they are old!

Nobody beats Sophia Loren in my eyes >:/

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