2003-05-05 14:23:35 ET

Thanks to Maschinengel for pointing it out on Live Journal:

Finally..there was light. I mean "suddenly, there was war".

2003-05-05 14:25:49 ET

heh, yeah..i saw that...pretty funny :-P

2003-05-05 14:34:22 ET

hahahahahaha just read it.

I don't know where to fit myself in. I am somewhere between cyber and rivet. LOL. wait... that is a new style... I can become cyberrivet... and instead of being a cyber ananas i can become a cyber karotte.

2003-05-05 14:54:21 ET

Dude no way...they got one thing wrong...
them Cyber fuckers are starting to listen to alot of Noise
I am so sick of them...and to top it off, thisis funny...There is a
(i REFUSE to use this corney ass word but in this case its an exception) Rivet VS Cybergoth battle that is on its way after a certain incident...
Eh, it aint gonna go too far if i can help it...but if it hapens...im taking pictures!

2003-05-05 14:56:55 ET

a fight? ...hmm... my money would be on the Rivets

2003-05-05 14:58:45 ET

Coral:I hate most cybergoths. And yeah, they were pretty off as far as my music selection is concerned.

Actually, no I'm friends with a few, I shouldn't lie.

Rivets make good lays <3


-butchers up some German-

Ich liebe das karotte!

2003-05-05 15:05:00 ET

I will no longer refer to myself as cyber... lol ithink i need a new name for my journal. die cyber karotte. hahahahhhahahahahahaha bahahaha...

anyways :P

2003-05-05 15:13:03 ET

Die karotte= the new sexual chocolate.

Not just for salads anymore.

Quick fix for those lonely winter nights.

Not that I know.

2003-05-05 15:15:54 ET

Bea you are the funniest girl I know online!!! hahaahahahahahaha

2003-05-05 15:22:11 ET

You're just saying that because you want me to visit.

All a ploy to give me your SARS.

2003-05-05 15:34:05 ET

lol my friend made this...

So you should come up!! yes.. lol

2003-05-05 15:49:19 ET

I already have it.

Been coughing up blood and such :)

It could be bronchitis.

But SARS is much trendier nowadays :D

2003-05-05 15:53:24 ET

I gave SARS to your mother through intimate contact.
Suddenly ... there was wumpppp%#!^ your children are wumped.
something long and forgotten wump the inveitable wump.

All cybergoths should own the estheticks of cruelty comp or something.
I'd die with happiness when a cyberdreaded raveh0 could carry on a conversation about RRRecords or something. :]

2003-05-05 15:58:33 ET

hahaaaa! SARS shirts! we need them, lol.

2003-05-05 16:05:06 ET

So, Bio wanna go see Covenant, hhahahh?

Actually, I'm hoping you'll say yes..cause I love those crazy Swedes and can't really afford to go.

I promise I'll make it worth it :)

If you take me AND my boyfriend..then we'll both make it worth it :)

2003-05-05 16:17:01 ET

... can I just have your boyfriend instead? :X

I'd promise I'd show up at Covenant, but it's Sunday.
So no promises.
If I do. I will start the most unnecessary pit ever.
As if a future pop mosh pit was ever unnecessary.

2003-05-05 16:18:39 ET

If you only knew...

I had this friend once


She definitely started crying at VNV/IOC because during IOC she got too "roughed up".

I'll tell the story on AIM :P

You can have WinterJew for a price..ov course.

I can use new boots.

2003-05-05 16:22:49 ET

Us tall JewBoys got to stick together.

I definitely started crying at VNV/Haujobb 'cause of the emotional lyrics and well crafted dance beats.

2003-05-05 16:26:41 ET

I have the oontz to make your body melt :)

2003-05-05 16:34:36 ET

<3 SARS <3

I can't wait...

2003-05-05 16:36:52 ET

Yea them cyber kids in South Jersey and Philly are fucking LAME!

I dunno Bea...the best lay i ever had was from an industrial guy who turned cyber after me when they left to NY to be a tattoo artist...then came back to PA and became...a mechanic...ehrmmm yea so i cant explain that ;P
Wtf is up with them lame cyberwads getting into music they arent cool enough to listen to?

2003-05-05 16:39:53 ET

Damn, Coral!
I'm not even sure I'm cool enough to listen to the albums I own!

fucking innerwar.

2003-05-05 16:41:24 ET

HAHABio...seriously if you EVER saw the south jersey/philly cybergoth people you would seriously understand...I wouldnt wipe a hookers ass with the shit they wear....

2003-05-05 16:43:23 ET

::continues Cold Meat Industry / Malignant posing as schedueled::

I wish I owned more vinyl pants.
I hardly glow in the dark at all!
All black light does is let you know how dirty my shirts are.

2003-05-05 16:43:29 ET

I can use some hookers.

Like it's my birthday.

2003-05-05 16:47:30 ET

i shit you not...i was coming home from somewhere...5 in the morning there was a hooker crouched in my alleyway eating a fucking sandwich...it was a hoot!

maybe i'll bring you that one for your birthday...she seems like a busy though...

2003-05-05 17:38:37 ET

blacklights... are bad... my shirt doesn't really have that much fuzz on it...i swear. (o_O)

2003-05-06 14:42:08 ET

I will take any hooker who I can give my SARS to.

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