2003-05-08 14:16:15 ET

I found that it turns me on when the boyfriend rolls his eyes in the back ov his head, bites my cranium and says "Braaaaaaaaaaaaains".

I wish I had health insurance..because a psychiatrist is needed for this one :)

2003-05-08 14:25:25 ET

awesome! I'm not the only zombie-junkie who does that

2003-05-08 14:29:02 ET


2003-05-08 14:30:26 ET

Lol thats hot.

2003-05-08 14:53:38 ET

dang... I'm gonna have to try that on Chas now...

2003-05-08 15:00:31 ET

i love it when your boyfreind sneaks in my room an touches me funny while im sleeping, hah. :)

2003-05-08 15:01:22 ET

Chris arent you the sleep funny toucher?

2003-05-08 15:07:27 ET

yea, thats why its more fun, hah. :x

2003-05-08 15:40:55 ET

yea...between you Plague and Pen0rd i could imagine you guys have a BLAST

2003-05-08 16:34:05 ET

2003-05-08 22:28:29 ET

Your boyfriend mounted me not one hour ago.


2003-05-09 08:06:06 ET

Why does that give me an unsettling feeling in my stomach?

Keep your fetii(fetuses?) ov large statuture to yourself.

2003-05-09 12:22:28 ET

"Brain Child"?

2003-05-09 12:25:18 ET

::Cries at the thought of Bio and Len fornicating::

2003-05-09 12:42:52 ET

Who will babysit our massive children?

2003-05-09 12:43:44 ET

not me..unless they clean my house!

2003-05-09 12:45:37 ET

We're not breeding house keeping slave children, ma'am.

And fine!
::crosses off Distortedsoundz off list of potential godparents::

2003-05-09 12:51:23 ET

psh...whatever asshole...those fuckers have to be good for SOMETHING

2003-05-09 13:06:44 ET

They're going to be soldiers.
Really big, killing soldiers.

2003-05-09 13:12:37 ET

Soldiers of Fortune - Solitary Experiments?

(that song is a lame manlover)

2003-05-09 13:21:18 ET

That thread is a citation of my feelings towards Solitary Experiments.


2003-05-09 13:22:02 ET



2003-05-10 14:40:44 ET

I say send em' to bootcamp when they reach the ripe age of 6.

2003-05-10 17:35:06 ET

Braaaaaains:::grumble::: **Oh, yeah** F--- you, Mr.Bio, if that is your REAL name, for not loving Solitary Experiments. Braaains ::grumble, growl:::

2003-05-10 19:48:43 ET

That's Mr. Bio, Esq., actually.

Solitary Experiments and Scooter should get into a fight so Scooter can win.

2003-05-10 20:44:12 ET

Scooter would win!
Hands down...even though i like Solitary haha

2003-05-10 21:21:00 ET

solitary isn't bad... i just don't like that one song... because it sucks... a lot!

2003-05-10 23:33:19 ET

WERD. I like Solitary Ex, but Scooter be da KING.

*Back in the UK!*

2003-05-10 23:44:24 ET

If the one song you're thinking ov is that Soldier of Fortune crap, then it does suck indeed.

But then again, I'm drunk and just got propositioned by mad preppy kids.



2003-05-10 23:48:50 ET

*eatz yer brainz*
yum. *burp*

2003-05-10 23:56:14 ET

You Jewish bois LOVE me :)

2003-05-10 23:58:07 ET

mm? We sure do.
You have dat sheqsappeal.

2003-05-10 23:59:31 ET

Hahhahh....I guess it's a good thing!!!!!!!!!!



Oh dear GOD...I'm drunk!

2003-05-11 00:03:56 ET

Sweet jesus, I'm just so fucking BORED.

You be da sheqse of mercy.

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