2003-05-10 23:46:51 ET

I'm drunk and don't like falling asleep w/out mein WinterZombie =/ I'm so not used to it =/

Covenant later on today...*yay*

2003-05-10 23:50:44 ET

what time is out there that you're already drunk..?

2003-05-10 23:56:48 ET

4:56 a.m. sir :)

2003-05-11 00:00:51 ET

12 midday here..

I wish I were drunk. Damnit, it's been 11 hours since my last beer!!!

2003-05-11 00:04:03 ET

You weren't drinking alone were you?(o0)

2003-05-11 00:07:30 ET

drinking alone is,mm bad, mmkay?

2003-05-11 00:13:03 ET

We don't know that she was silly.....I was just asking because it's in my nature to be mom like and ask such questions.;p

2003-05-11 00:18:31 ET

Cambriaaaaaa I love you mommy!!

2003-05-11 00:21:34 ET

lol <3

2003-05-11 00:22:38 ET

*jumps in your lap*

2003-05-11 00:29:41 ET

allright buddy....think your getting a little to old for that!;p

2003-05-11 00:32:23 ET


2003-05-11 00:45:36 ET

i had a few beers while chillin' at home tonight... nothing wrong with that...
i highly doubt i'm going to see covenant...because i'm tired as is and i've already seen them play... so, no biggie really if i miss it... plus i'm short on the dollars this week

2003-05-11 00:58:41 ET

drinking alone is never bad...now snorting coke alone...thats bad...and sad as well...

2003-05-11 01:00:20 ET


I've sworn I'd never drink aone.

*images of me drinking at a "tea party" with dolls, teddys and vodka*

2003-05-11 02:11:47 ET

lol....I definately can't dispute you on the coke bit DFOR but everytime I've drank alone it's always ended up in excess....leading to me having my head in the toilet....in a really sorry state... regreting I ever decided to in the first place. I suppose as long as your able to handle it it doesn't have to go down that way.

2003-05-11 06:12:52 ET


2003-05-11 06:35:47 ET

Someone definitely mentioned snorting coke.

I can't ever do it alone. Cause I can't afford to.

Until I am a rich old woman living in Aspen, and going on ski trips on a daily basis..doubtful I'll be doin' it alone :)

2003-05-11 09:05:43 ET

So you are making it to Covenant?

2003-05-11 09:30:27 ET

Sure am :)

I hope they bring out Ikea furniture on stage.

2003-05-11 09:31:13 ET

As a Swede, I resent that remark.

2003-05-11 09:36:32 ET

As a consumer of fine meatballs, I, too, resent that remark.

2003-05-11 09:39:38 ET

I always wanted to have sex on those furniture in store floor models.

Or live there for that matter.

You should be proud ov the fact that your people produce things that make me have sinful thoughts :)

2003-05-11 09:45:20 ET

Doesn't everything make you have sinful thoughts?

2003-05-11 09:58:54 ET

If Bio was only Swedish....

2003-05-11 10:14:29 ET

I'd be taller, blonder, and more blue eyed.


2003-05-11 10:43:38 ET

Name one country that can't be associated with a sinful thought.

2003-05-11 10:51:07 ET


Unless you count Bjork as a sin.

2003-05-11 10:52:43 ET

Voltaire counts Bjork as a sinful thought.

I want Bea to answer, Bio. We all know how innocent and pure you are.

2003-05-11 10:57:25 ET


No clit/penile boners(on just about anyone) thinking about Zimbabwe.

Bio: Nice shoes :P

2003-05-11 10:58:58 ET

Even though they run around naked all the time... or something?

2003-05-11 10:59:40 ET

I doubt it's arousing.

Saggy tribal boobies=two very unenthusiastic thumbs down.

2003-05-11 11:01:56 ET

Your pineapplebrethren would be disappointed at your lack of support for tribal style.

2003-05-11 11:04:35 ET

I have disassociated myself from "The Hive".

2003-05-11 11:05:48 ET

oh? Do they know this? You need a new avatar/screenname/bio/obsession.

2003-05-11 11:06:38 ET

I have always did it for the irony.

That's the big scam exposed .

I assumed you'd know :)

2003-05-11 11:07:09 ET

I take people literally. That's my tragic flaw.

2003-05-11 11:09:50 ET

I hate the taste ov pineapple.

I never hung out with too many cyber goths.

I think they suck.

That's why this joke will NEVER get old.

Bio...your pants are shiny.........

2003-05-11 11:11:08 ET

My pants are on fire.

2003-05-11 11:12:11 ET

Which impairs my ability to see myself in them.

Damn you.

Not feeding into my seductive plots.

2003-05-11 11:12:59 ET

You can nay seduce me.

2003-05-11 11:46:32 ET

actually, not all the girls in zimbabwe (and everywhere else in africa) have saggy boobs...thats a generalization, and grand misconception, due to those bra-less nomads that national geographic loves soo much.
(i could go off on a tirade of how whites like to lump africa as a whole right about here but ill spare you).
the fact is alot of the young women i met didnt have those stereo typical saggy boobie thing going on, since most of them had yet to give child birth, and well had yet to reach that age when everything starts going south (just like weastern/european whites).
i always find it funny when i say ive lived in africa, and i get people wondering where i stayed without getting killed...

2003-05-11 11:48:24 ET

I was talking about what thoughts countries produced, dull, so we're basically talking about stereotypes here, not reality.

Not all Swedes are blond and blue eyed too (points to self), but that's irrelevant to a discussion of how Sweden produces sinful thoughts.

2003-05-11 11:53:55 ET

yes but african countries could produce sinful thoughts as well (i.e. facism fetish via south africa, amputee love via sierra leone, etc.)...
i think what it really boils down to is how one likes their meat...me i could go either way since im a half breed...give it to me charred, give it to me pale as snow...

2003-05-11 12:02:53 ET

My meat is ov Semitic origin it seems :)

From Covenant to stereotypes. This calls for me drinking while trying to find "that guy" at the Covenant show.

You know ..the one that will actually come wearing a suit.

I will make more Ikea refferences as the night progresses.

I did hook up with a nice tall, blonde Swedish boy once.
He even bought me a plane ticket to Florida. And I didn't get any.

Let's hope tonight's Swedish encounter is more....satisfying :)

2003-05-11 13:00:00 ET

Im jealous..... Im still 16 days away from the covenat show here =(

2003-05-11 13:05:42 ET

You should be "that guy" when they come around.

Kinda like when I wore that baby Tee to that Hocico show :)

2003-05-11 13:18:56 ET

I'll sit at home in a suit for you.

No sinful thoughts from Africa for me.

2003-05-11 13:40:53 ET

Im planning on drinking way too much $1.50 absinthe shots and wandering around a town I've never been to before in 5" platforms after the show..... it could be fun

2003-05-11 13:56:59 ET

It would be too hot to wear a suit in Africa, Justine.

You certainly have my attention with the two magic words "absinthe" and "shots", Jaymz.

I'll be wandering around some random club in NYC in 7" platforms , sans absinthe. Or suits.

2003-05-11 14:04:46 ET

Absinthe? You goths.

2003-05-11 14:07:57 ET


2003-05-11 14:08:57 ET

Lycia could kick Solitary Experiment's ass.

2003-05-11 14:11:10 ET

At home in a suit, not Africa.

7" platforms are pretty pineapplefag, girlie.

Anyone could kick Solitary Experiment's ass.

2003-05-11 14:12:05 ET

Tara Vanflower is c0re.

The platform shoe is known to a myriad ov subcultures. It is not a trademark ov the pineappleborg.

2003-05-11 14:15:40 ET

=) It should be fun.....
but it's Edmonton, I'm scared..... us little futurepop bois arent all that tough!

2003-05-11 14:18:36 ET

That's why every little pineapple needs a big rivet jewboy.

2003-05-11 14:19:37 ET

Jaymz: Yes, I know all about the perils ov being a futurepopboy. I hang out with Biomechanic here, you see.

Bio: I know NONE ov the above :P Care to introduce me?

2003-05-11 14:23:01 ET

No, I, as well, am not familiar with any big, rivet jewboys.

Seeing how I am small, Aryan, raverboi.

2003-05-11 14:27:45 ET

I am a medium sized noise kid. From Mexico with love. Holla.

2003-05-11 14:30:25 ET


2003-05-11 14:47:17 ET


I did say Home ov the John.

Isn't Skooter from Uber-land?

2003-05-11 14:50:19 ET

Ja. They do whatever they please in Germany.

Mexico has a lot to make up for considering its current exports.
(Also read HOCICO and CENOBITA. Also known as BLAH.)

2003-05-11 14:55:52 ET

We do have CST [Read: Omnicore, Jr.]

2003-05-11 14:58:49 ET

I don't know who Omnicore is.
But I do know who Robert Miles is!

They might as well just give up and play Scooter at Downtime.
No use trying to pass it off as a Gothic/Industrial club.
It's a Goth Trance club.

2003-05-11 15:00:45 ET

Bio please unlearn your knowledge of Robert Miles and go back to talking about militant industrial. ok thx.

2003-05-11 15:04:26 ET

I do believe that the new Fictional album is out.

I should bring a camera with me tonight. So, I can capture "that guy" in his many an incarnation.

2003-05-11 15:06:43 ET

I want to hear the Robert Miles remix of Karjalan Sissit*. 8]

* Hardcore martial industrial band.

2003-05-11 15:28:59 ET

Doesn't count.

2003-05-11 15:35:09 ET

I want to hear the Underworld remix of Solitery Experiments*. 8]

* Lame.

2003-05-11 15:51:37 ET

Let me edit that post for you Bio.


I want to hear the Underworld* remix of SolitAry Experiments. 8]

* Lame.

thank you.

2003-05-11 16:10:30 ET

Solitery Experiments is their side project.

2003-05-11 18:59:54 ET

its never too hot anywhere for a suit...you just have to have some muffuking air condition...

2003-05-12 00:01:37 ET

..and Delirium is Frontline Assembly side project. *projectile vomitting endues*

2003-05-12 09:30:17 ET

Speaking ov new albums coming out..... wednesday night is our Suicied Commando - Face of Death release party...... I cant wait! I've alreasy scored the CD and a T shirt!

2003-05-12 10:33:19 ET

jaymz, you got that stuff for free?

2003-05-12 12:40:11 ET

yeah.... the joys ov DJing (and being friends with other DJ's) =)

2003-05-12 12:41:29 ET

cool deal :-)

2003-05-12 12:47:19 ET

It made an overly shitty week better =P

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