Catching up w/the 6' + people
2003-05-20 09:33:43 ET

Hahhahhah...that's from when I was doing das shoot w/John Santorineross.

Look at the picture.

Look at it closesly.



2003-05-20 09:35:36 ET

yay for big platforms

2003-05-20 09:39:45 ET

You are huge!!! Wow...that camera must have added at lest....10 inches!!! :::ducks:::

2003-05-20 09:39:56 ET




No's a growth spurt from all that protein.

2003-05-20 09:41:46 ET

hahahahah :::blushes::::

2003-05-20 12:01:36 ET

haha dont look can TELL youre a wee one!
because almost everyone next to you is taller and they dont need big shoes
being lil is GREAT its more cozy when you curl up into someone...instead of having mad arms and legs everywhere!

2003-05-20 12:03:05 ET

oh shit Bea i just got that last line that you said to Len

2003-05-20 12:04:12 ET

oh wait...PS that gets me wondering how Lenny got so tall...

2003-05-20 12:10:08 ET

Those male room mates sure DO help in weird ways, don't they?

Shortness sucks.

I have to climb on furniture to look my boyfriend in the eye.

2003-05-20 12:16:00 ET

Furniture? i think you have to climb HIM to look him in the eye
poor Pen0rd
Shortness is long as you can kick the asses of those 10x taller haha

2003-05-20 12:21:06 ET

Tall people can be tipped over easily as well.

Furniture doesn't have bones , thus is easier to climb. I have it all figured out.

2003-05-20 12:25:30 ET

*biggie sizes bea for an extra 40 cents*

2003-05-20 12:38:50 ET

yea you do enough climbing on his bones sure >:D

Tall people can be hot of course!
haha Biggie sized Bea <snickers>

2003-05-20 12:53:55 ET

It's great getting pictures that make you look the way you WISH you did.

But you're still not fooling anyone. You're still the underpants gnome.

::continues re-building lower manhattan with the help of Insomnia. lol::

2003-05-20 12:56:50 ET

I resent that Storm.

I never did THAT on South Park.

I did make a guest appearance on the SARS episode though.

Which wasn't about short people.

2003-05-20 13:00:37 ET

"weee won't stop till we have underpannnnnnnnts"

No more lies.

2003-05-20 13:01:44 ET

That was Damian.

2003-05-20 13:03:03 ET

It might have been DP too... hard to say.


2003-05-20 13:04:28 ET

Perhaps, it was with his thieving style.

But I'm known for my peaceful ways. And warm blankets.

2003-05-20 14:03:08 ET

We are stroooonnng; no one can tell us we're wrrooong; searchin' out hearts for so loo-oonngg; both of us knoowwwinnng Love is a battleeffieeld.

Yeah, anyways.
All short people should always carry around milk cartons or something for photo ops.

2003-05-20 14:14:50 ET

:danceoff with bio:

2003-05-20 14:14:58 ET


2003-05-20 14:17:34 ET

:high-five's Bio::

genetically inferior fucking minion slags all.


2003-05-20 14:20:39 ET

What about the Big Dumb Ogre Syndrome?

The biggest dinosaurs had the smallest brains :)


2003-05-20 14:21:18 ET

I love the 6' and over club. I'm a lifelong member.

2003-05-20 14:27:02 ET

its all about being a diesel roughneck y0
PS more like...its all about being Brawny and comely!

2003-05-20 14:35:21 ET

I especially love the 6' and over, 160+ IQ, roughneck squad.


I also love arguments that go "I'm better.." "No ME!" hahaha... those rock as well.

2003-05-20 14:39:26 ET ex gf who is 6''+ is right here..she looks great.
its OK claws can be retracted now

2003-05-20 14:42:02 ET

If you retract claws, my favorite Big Dumb Commie Hating Ogre will be upset.

w0rd on the street is that he likes it rought.

Christ....everything I post..I relate to Bio.

2003-05-20 14:42:08 ET

i miss being in that club by less then 2 inches...

though i have many other credentials which most do not! ;-P


2003-05-20 14:42:43 ET

I miss Lenny by 18".

I win.

2003-05-20 14:45:01 ET

oh MEOW im going to prance off and groom my fur and jam my head farther up my behind because my shit NEVER stinks!

I clip my nails to the that dirt and germs dont sneak in!

2003-05-20 14:46:21 ET

We can continue making this a Biomechanic trashing post now.

As always :)

2003-05-20 14:47:23 ET

bio wishes he was as old as the rest of us

2003-05-20 14:48:09 ET

I can't wait 'til I'm employing you guys.

2003-05-20 14:51:10 ET

I don't plan to work in NYC.


Aside from child labor mogul you're also a kid-toucher film maker.

Then we can get in the video business together.

My friends can violate your (underage) friends.

Then we can weave some rugs.

2003-05-20 14:55:46 ET

Weave me a rug! o0o0o0ooo!!
I want a nice green rug for my nice Jungle looking house haha
but i want a cute little Rice Farmer to weave it just for me :D
So start harvesting them kids!

ooooohh me so vaunty i tell you

2003-05-20 14:56:58 ET

I farm pineapples.

And touch underage Jewboys. :)

Named Dan.

2003-05-20 14:57:17 ET

Excuse my evil corporation is multinational. We'll have officers wherever we damn well please.

Underage friends? I have those? Oh yeah. :P
Kidtouching on tape! Hmmm.
I think Storm has some lame pictures. But otherwise, damn.
That's obviously something that need exploration.
I suppose.

Post-Script: The last comment speaks the truth.

2003-05-20 15:12:14 ET

Agreed... on all counts.
I tend to say fucekrA%^!#^! a lot as well..
especially at the workplace.

2003-05-20 15:22:10 ET

I want the kidtouching pictures.
For blackmail purposes.
Gotta learn how to blackmail if I want to play Washington right.

Sometimes when I'm frustrated I've been known to say, "Stream of profanities."
Party at Stormoffice.

2003-05-21 00:00:28 ET

This thread was kindly brought to you by bioCorp Industries, the society for evil gnomes, and the letter L.

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