YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!-points to you-
2003-05-23 07:43:33 ET

My boyfriend [yes the tall, hot and rivet one] will be making an appearance at QXT's this Sunday for the Gothic Sluts Gone Wild.

So, I need you (look I even used the bold tag for emphasis, so you know it's important)..yes, you to come and cheer this Freakshow on like crazy.


The sluttiest Goth gets $500. We are poor *insert sad puppy eyes here* and thus need your applause.

And if not...

Just come and watch this monster trainwreck anyway.

Come on....I've seen his outfit..

and it beats the hell out ov his *Pimp and Ho* night ensemble.


Do it for the Fatherland, if all else fails.

2003-05-23 07:49:39 ET

I hope you'll post some pretty pics afterwards, sounds exciting ;)...Now...What does the given goth has to do in order to win this slut-award :D?

2003-05-23 07:56:58 ET

Hahahah *giggle* I think it will be the usual bad taste array ov flashing, fake lesbian action and such.

We were aiming high at first and opting for fake boobies, but it is quite doubtful that such is going to happpen.

I'm definitely going to photo op, but Len might kill me if I post any.


Maybe if I ask nicely :P

2003-05-23 07:57:59 ET

fake boobies. sounds nice. :)

2003-05-23 08:03:02 ET

I hope to squeeze!

2003-05-23 10:26:14 ET

squeezing len boobs? hmm... so... tempting... :-P

2003-05-23 10:39:48 ET


Point is take lots of pictures.

<3 tall, hot & rivet <3.

2003-05-23 11:24:19 ET

Join the festivities oh kind BioSir :P

It's never fun sans tall people.

2003-05-23 21:03:20 ET

I'm Atlas. I hold up the world. I'm burdened.

I might be there I might not be it's a mystery to you and me.

2003-05-25 12:26:17 ET

Dear God...this is gonna end up on my permenent record, somehow, isn't it? That's soo not gonna look good when I apply for my position as a cruel, sadistic, third-world tyrant, but I just might be able to head up the F.B.I. ( J.E. Hoover c0r3!!)

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