And in retrospect..
2003-05-26 20:10:38 ET

Last night:

-My boy/girl Significant Other did not pass "Go". We did not collect $500 dollars.
-Saw too much cellulite up close for my own good.
-Lived to tell about it.
-Filled up my shit talking quota for a week. No, not really.
-Smeared my lipstick.
-Realized that no matter the level ov "Ugly" the nudity gets the loot.
-Didn't know that doing THAT with flashlights was deemed attractive.
-Wished Bio entered this contest.
-Learned the true identity ov Paul Pfeiffer.

That is all kids.

2003-05-26 20:14:09 ET

I thought it was pass go, collect 200 dollars. Woo! I wanna play monopoly with you!

2003-05-26 20:14:46 ET

nudity always wins... fuckers...

2003-05-26 20:15:23 ET

I think I saw Adult Monopoly somewhere.

I wouldn't mind drunk Monopoly though. When I get all better !

It does Furax.

Even the stomach churning kind.

2003-05-26 20:17:01 ET

Cool! Adult monopoly, yeah, they have Adult everything now. hehe

2003-05-26 20:17:47 ET

It *HAS* to be interesting.

Mmmm jail.

*homoerotic thoughts*

2003-05-26 20:19:23 ET

hahaha! lol. Ya know, I wonder what the game pieces are.

2003-05-26 20:23:42 ET

well... i think they still have the dog *wink*

2003-05-26 20:27:13 ET

I played adult Scrabble once. Monopoly is too long of a game -

2003-05-26 20:29:00 ET

Kandess and I used to play our own version of "dirty" scrabble, it was just that you can only use sex related words. It was interesting. I believe the best was.. Zoosex.

2003-05-26 20:55:45 ET

I played strip scrabble with Dave Kendall (of MTV 120 minutes fame... except he was famous 20 years ago by now...)

2003-05-26 20:57:35 ET

How did you manage that?

2003-05-26 21:05:43 ET

It was pretty easy. He won. He plays a lot.

This of course took place about five years ago, in his LA apt, and when I was more innocent, and he was mad because I'd get mostly naked but wouldn't fuck him.

Damn demanding celebrities.

The best part was my friends came over in the morning and he was wandering around in green underwear.

2003-05-27 01:02:34 ET

I wanna see Bio gone wild too.

2003-05-27 04:24:19 ET

those flashlights man...
was she trying to show us that they were implants? i was quite gag worthy.

2003-05-27 04:47:46 ET

any pix of the night?

2003-05-27 05:21:30 ET

Shutter: Storm has a pic of Len and Bea on her site - and we don't want any pictures of the naked flashlight girls. I doubt anyone captured the rivetgirl beat-up on camera.

2003-05-27 05:21:38 ET

Angie, I do believe Storm has one in her latest entry. The pink wig is quite easy to spot :)

Shay: I too wish for a wilder Bio.

2003-05-27 05:25:51 ET


let's open a petition.

2003-05-27 05:26:35 ET

it's on storm's page? whoops! guess that just goes to show i should let things load and not try to do 2 bazillion things on a freakin' dial-up.

2003-05-27 05:27:02 ET

I think Bio sometimes wishes for a wilder Bio too. If we can find him his own goth girl gone wild maybe he'll follow suit -

2003-05-27 05:41:46 ET

He said he loved fat chicks in one ov Gus's threads. He would've enjoyed the contest immensely then.

The bitch w/the floppy tits to her knees(one ov the 4 "winners") has it coming though :)

She requested "War" and tried to sleep with my significant other. I don't know which is worse.

2003-05-27 08:35:27 ET

The word of the day was "TRAINWRECK"!!!!

2003-05-27 08:39:37 ET

I overuse that word.

I fell asleep, I suck.

2003-05-27 09:51:36 ET

Biomechanic's emaciated friend Guy wants to name himself DJ Trainwreck - I think that's fucking wonderful, especially cause he spins hardcore techno and noize...

2003-05-27 10:10:27 ET

I think that's the best DJ name I've ever heard.

Once again I overuse that word.

2003-05-27 11:00:56 ET

I'm torn between my new maxim of "No more fat chicks" and my deisre to see fat chicks naked.

Pity I wasn't there.

I will always be good ol' fashion, suit-wearing, conservative morally bio.

2003-05-27 11:03:05 ET

Oh no, so you know about my suit fetish too?

Why aren't you miiiiiiiiiiiine?

2003-05-27 11:19:11 ET

Everyone loves suits. If it wasn't so impratical for what I do, I'd be wearing one right now. Which I am doing, of course, in avatar form.

And look, you can't just trade in one tall Jewboy for another. Doesn't work that way. ... but if only it did!

2003-05-27 12:24:30 ET

you called her paul pfeiffer! hahahah, i know exactly which bitch you are talking about too! cause i was thinking it .. bah!

2003-05-27 12:28:25 ET

2003-05-27 12:29:25 ET

Paul Pfeiffer is the family hand me down.

I can't take the credit for Paul Pfeiffer. It was all DP.

2003-05-27 12:36:15 ET

hahah, the "family hand me down" ... bahahah!! i totally forgot about that!

2003-05-27 12:39:29 ET

I look so hot with phallic objects protruding out ov my head.

I'd do me.

Everytime I see that girl I'm going to hum the Wonder Years tune to her. Because Apop. is her favorite band.


2003-05-27 12:45:59 ET

hahahah! NO DICE! lol

tainted on more than one level .. yikes!

2003-05-27 12:48:16 ET


Maybe Apop. can cover the Wonder Years theme song. How HOT would that be? I'd learn how to DJ just so I could spin that for her. Like her personal theme music.


2003-05-28 00:48:58 ET

Wonder Years theme = Joe Cocker cover to Beatles, no?


Haven't watched Wonder Years in ages.

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