Antiquing Noisex.
2003-06-04 20:14:09 ET

Main Entry: [3]an*tiqu*ing
Pronunciation: (")an-'tEk-ing
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -tiqued;
Date: 1923
transitive senses
: The act of catching an unsuspecting person while they are sleeping and pelting flour or baby powder at their heads : creating the effect of an antique statue
- an*tiqu*er /an-'tE-k&r/ noun

Also See: Noisex

I am going to take Noisex's "antiquing virginity" away using the bag ov flour method.

Or perhaps the Spermans(Spanish Germans) can antique sleeping promoters.

2003-06-04 20:18:35 ET

haha... what?

2003-06-04 20:45:43 ET

(no comment)

2003-06-14 09:51:15 ET

do it do it do it!

2003-06-15 09:54:58 ET

Oh..believe me I DID IT!!!!!!

2003-06-15 10:22:13 ET


2003-06-22 01:54:39 ET


2003-06-22 11:05:27 ET

Coming Soon:incriminating evidence.

2003-06-22 12:32:54 ET


2003-06-23 09:59:42 ET


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