S is for Sluts
2003-06-20 15:41:02 ET

Goddamn Stromkern needs to come here soon. I just found out that they are playing in motherfucking Chicago. CHICAGO?!??!?!?? *ugh* Fuck the Midwest..come hither.

Antiquing Noisex was official.

Sluts were powdery.

10 points for me.

I'll copy and paste it from Live Journal, when I get a chance to. I'm obsessed with documenting just about everything that happens in my life(one ov my biggest fears is losing my memory..no joke) . But since I'm rarely home..I hardly do it anymore. I'm only up to talking shit about the Girls Gone Wild thing at this point :)

But anyway...looks like drinking and club tonight :)

Looks like every weekend.

2003-06-20 15:46:06 ET

stromkern is cool shit, dude.

2003-06-20 15:53:10 ET

stromkern always plays chicago, they are from wisconsin which is like 40 mins away .. every time i go visit my uncle in chicago they just happen to be playing, LOL.

2003-06-20 15:54:40 ET

I know they're from CHEESE COUNTRY..Chris.

They should relocate.

Because I said so.

Batcave needs a new "house band".

2003-06-20 15:58:30 ET

no way .. they are really german .. didnt you know? hehehheeh

2003-06-20 16:00:17 ET

Germany, Wisconsin must be nice.

Just like "In Traum" making sense :)

2003-06-20 16:00:35 ET

hahahah! definatly LOL

2003-06-20 16:51:20 ET

Drinking and club tonight???? I never woulda guessed!!

2003-06-20 17:16:20 ET

Especially, from Chris. Since he NEVER does that.

Bio is joining us for pregame.

I'm going to corrupt him.

2003-06-20 17:30:24 ET

Please do. ;-)

2003-06-20 18:30:58 ET

cambria and i are supposed to be seeing noisex tonight. joked about bringing white powder to toss on 'em.

2003-06-20 22:49:56 ET

Amount of drinks consumed: 0.
Amount of cigarettes smoked: 0.
Amount of women womanized: 0.

You guys just dropped me off. :]
I should be asleep. fuck.

2003-06-21 01:50:43 ET

damn goody 2-shoes, bio... you better have a beer while you're still underage... ;-P

2003-06-21 06:03:57 ET

You should've asked them about Newark, Angie :P

2003-06-21 10:46:54 ET

cambria said she was going to talk to them about it, but then she never did. i was standing right there nudging her as raoul was talking about the whole tour schedule dealy. silly cambria.

2003-06-22 01:54:03 ET

heh, I bet they'd be totally freaked.

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