2003-06-21 07:02:45 ET

That darn Pyramid guy is SUCH a good DJ.

I didn't miss my usual generic noise fix at all last night.

I enjoyed watching Bio rip it up to Funker, VnV Nation, Fictional(Twice..ha ha ha)and various 80's gayness upstairs.

He also denied his origins by wearing that Nazi hat(Property ov Damian Plague by the way)and Sieg Heiling his way into ETERNAL SHAME.

2003-06-21 07:55:55 ET

nice hat stupid person.

2003-06-21 08:19:32 ET


Bio makes a bad nazi anyway.

2003-06-21 08:45:02 ET

Bea, I think those first two sentences are absurdly FACETIOUS.

No way man. I'm the bestest nahtzee ever.


2003-06-21 10:51:42 ET

I wore that hat to the Black and Blue Ball. <3

2003-06-21 13:17:46 ET

"Oooh, no. Please, spare me kind officer. Maybe zer is somesing I can do faw you or maybe somesing you vant to do to me?" :::German accent:::

2003-06-21 13:18:44 ET

Bio you loved it.

You have fantasies about Damian in that hat.

2003-06-21 13:45:35 ET


2003-06-21 17:18:03 ET

I have fantasies about him giving me that hat... and then disappearing completely.

2003-06-23 08:10:27 ET

HAHAH a Nazi Jew

2003-06-23 10:34:50 ET

The best kind.

2003-07-02 13:55:16 ET

bio schindler

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