Oh Damn!!!!!
2004-08-15 14:31:08 ET

oh man its been to long but i've just been so busy ive

been working so much lately which is hella chill cause im

making phat bank i acctually just got off work but ihave

to go back in an hour cause im working a double tonight

but its cool working doesnt seem to bother me much cause

theirs so many chill people i work with.... anyhoo my

friend wishcracks finally came home she ran away about a

month and a half ago cause she wanted to get clean off of

drugs and so shes home now and im so happy it was hell not

knowing how my siser was doing but yeah so i saw the who

last weekend and it was hella sick we chilled with some

pretty cool people there and then in two weeks i get to

see the cure and im so fucking excited about that i cant

wait ive been waiting for 2 years to see the cure and

hopefully next month if someone will go with me im gonna

see prince which will be so ill but anyways im not to sure

how things are going with me and that guy like i dunno i

guess were just friends cause like we talk on the phone

and we hang out and stuff but its like its not going

anywhere and it sucks i still havent even kissed him yet

like we've cuddled and ive given him kisses on the cheek

and stuff but i mean i dunno im just all kinds of confused

right now and stuff i mena i know he likes me but i just

dont know whats goin down but yeah so thats pretty much

all thats new nothing to much has happened oh man but im

pissed cause cyndis not coming to visit which is phatty

weak sauce DAMN YOUS!!!! i guess im just gonna have to go

see you in december


2004-08-03 16:13:58 ET

wow its been a long time since ive posted anything up

their really isnt much new im still kinna seeing that guy

and i got another job at pier one imports and i start that

on monday which is cool cause my manager is one of my bros

friends so hes fucking awesome and now ill be making hella

bank by having two jobs and that should kick ass i

registered for school last week and im taking psyc, and

world history and aikido which is a chill self defense

class but i might have to drop it cause of my new job and

shit but yeah summers good wish i could be gone somewhere

like out of town cause being here kinna blows but oh well

but yeah ill write more when something exciting happens

Mr. Wonderful
2004-07-16 22:45:33 ET

oh man so much has happened this summer... well summer

school sucks and i hate waking up early but hey you gotta

do what you gotta do and i know it'll pay off eventually

but everyday has just been an adventure and its great

because im never home anymore and aww i know ive talked

about guys on my journal so many times and i just have to

say i found the perfect guy.... hes a gentlemen and hes

smart and funny and witty and he just treats me like a

lady and i just cant get him off my mind i cant say hes

feeling the same way as me but oh man hes just perfect in

every way and its strange because i have never clicked so

fast with someone like i have with him like within the

first 10 min of talking to him i just got this feeling

about him but it sucks though cause as they say to good to

be true is right it sucks cause hes 20 and im only 17 and

its just all bad but age aint nothing but a number....

hahahaha i hope something comes out of this because a guy

like this is really hard to find and now that ive found

one i just hope he doesnt slip away


awww summer
2004-06-30 18:53:14 ET

oh man summer has been so great so far.... oh yeah i got

the job a marie calanders and its hella fun i acctually

like going to work and shit cause theres hella chill

people that i work with and i get to work with one of my

friends its hella cool but yeah some bad new though i cant

go to warped tour on saturday cause i have to work and i

dont have any money cause i havent gotton paid yet so that

sucks and its my yearly tradition to go to warped uhhh and

i really wanted to see the bouncing souls and atmosphere i

know im totally going to regret not going but i cant risk

loosing my job dammit this is the second concert i have

missed because of work but i swear i will not miss prince

or the cure oh well anyhoo aww have had so many adventures

lately like something crazy happens everyday but yeah

summer school sucks balls and im trying to get with this

guy joe who i use to date like last year and were talking

about getting together but i dunno though cause he gives

me mixed signals cause i dont know if im his girlfriend or

if im like a friend with benefits i dunno i hope i find

out soon so that im not just wasteing my time and shit

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