2003-08-05 23:11:33 ET

Maybe you are happy, but are you sure you life's
not just filled with temporary superficial
happiness?....take a look at them stars and
think next time your high why is your life so
great?.............find goals and dreams

Could you look me in the eyes and tell me that your happy now?
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i swear i need to stay away from these quizzes i just cant stop taking them

2003-08-06 06:02:20 ET

they're like drugs i swear

2003-08-06 21:18:20 ET

dude i know its like when i have nothing to do i take these just to see what the response will be

2003-08-07 01:02:22 ET

ha and if you like em you pst em

2003-08-07 22:17:23 ET

of course

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