2003-12-23 20:00:45 ET

YAY!!! on sunday val came over and we kicked it, it was

cool we chilled with my brother and his friend Hern AKA

John anyways we went up to the hills and my brother and

hern started telling us this story aobut these albino's

that live up in the hills and they only come out at night

well duh because they are albino but anyways he said that

like they eat peoples skin and shit it was hella freaky but

funny at the same time and val started freaking out and i

did too because i get all paranoid in cars and shit and

like anyways so we came back to my hosue and then eric and

hern left and then me and val went to TGI frydays and it

was hella good and like we had this light at our table tat

wasnt turned on so me and val were trying to plug it into

the wall for dayz but then i hella started laughing and she

gave up so then we went back to my house and watched

vanilla sky i only got part of the movie cause i fell

asleep hella times while watching it and then that was

pretty much it and then the next morning we went out to

breakfast at Quizno's which taht place is badass as fuck

and then like val thought some guy was stealing her car

which was hella funny and then while we were driving back

to my house we saw all these mexican guys sitting on the

side of the street doing nothing and their were hella of

them just in groups like there were hella groups and they

werent doing anything at all and yeah today my bro got me a

hella sick jacket cause he didnt know what to get me for

christmas so he was like pick something out and ill buy it

for you and so i need a new jacket so it was chill im mean

its hella big on me but i think if i wash it it'll shrink

well i hope it does cause it looks kinna funny

2003-12-23 20:08:17 ET

Everybody I've ever met from cali says hella for like every other word...but here in CO...never heard it once.

2003-12-23 20:16:37 ET

haha dude I say hella and I live in CO....

but dude, that's rad of your brother. all my bro dd was call and say "shit I'm too broke for christmas, what's up??"

2003-12-23 21:28:23 ET

raven- yeah i dont even know how the hell the hella thing came about over here.? what do you guys say out there in CO instead of hella

roots- dude i know i was hella excited but dude that sucks that you didnt get anything from your bro but i know where hes coming from are you at least gonna get to see him?

2003-12-23 21:42:03 ET

ummm hrm...roots says rad...i say bomb...yes we say bomb...sometimes i say hella bomb...but then people glare...

2003-12-24 08:11:31 ET

haha I never got into the whole bomb thing, but I say rad a lot. I don't say hella much, but I say it. and naw, we don't get to see him this year cuz he already had his leave so he can't come home again. but he gets to go to a radass concert, cali gets all the good shows. what kinda jacket is it??

2003-12-24 15:18:16 ET

hahah radass, you silly!

2003-12-24 19:18:54 ET

murry xmas

2003-12-24 20:02:36 ET

I say radass way too much, haha.

2003-12-24 20:03:11 ET

how bout cockass

2003-12-24 20:03:30 ET

I say that craploads too.

2003-12-24 22:31:08 ET

hahahaha radass is one i've acctually never herd of its kinna funny how our slang is so different

2003-12-25 07:53:30 ET

I know, we aren't even all that far away, but damn we talk different. I love going to cali cuz they all laugh at the shit I say.

2003-12-25 11:48:10 ET

yeah dude its nutz hehehe we should share our lingo like ill teach you cali talk and you teach me CO talk and we'll just spred the word HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA no one will know what hit em

2003-12-25 11:49:47 ET

haha hells yeah, let's mix shit up

2003-12-25 16:00:31 ET

hahahahaha dude fo shizzle nizzle

2003-12-25 16:05:18 ET

yeah we don't say that here...

2003-12-25 20:11:44 ET

i do yee scurvy sea dawgs

2003-12-25 20:50:06 ET

haha yeah my friends do too, I just don't. I lied.

2003-12-26 10:44:23 ET

hahahahaha heres one i knowyou guys dont say BEAT- its like ifyou wanna fuck someone like damn i'd like to tap that ass well heres a sentence for it damn that guys fucking hot i'd beat meaning you would have sex with them

2003-12-26 15:54:31 ET

hahaha crazy cali kids! Some chick I met in Cali said my accent was cute...I was like what, do people from CO even have accents? I dont think we dor or ppl from cali for that matter!

2003-12-26 15:55:17 ET

hah I'm so gonna start saying that! I dunno we say sex for everything, like we use it instead of saying someone is hott. Like Johnny Depp is mad sex.

2003-12-26 17:24:44 ET

mmm he is indeed!

2003-12-26 17:49:24 ET

oh yeah hes like the ulTiMaTE sex

2003-12-26 17:58:38 ET

no doubt!!

2003-12-26 21:36:07 ET

hahahahahha i use to say that

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