Get Off my Back
2002-10-19 20:30:08 ET

you wanna take controlofme but i wont let you do it
you say you know whats best for me. im gonna make you prove it

your always complaining at me
get off my back
why wont you just let me be
get off my back

tell me this, tell me that, ive heard it all before
you still bitch, my back is turned, im walking out the door

your always complaining at me
get off my back
we wont you let me be
get off my back
your always bitching all the time
you want my time, you know its mine
you're always jumping on my back
let me be myself!

i talk and talk, you wont listen, you're stubborn as a well
you always bitch, you make me nuts, im gonna take a fall!

-The Casualties

2002-10-19 20:38:49 ET

thats one of my favorites from them, Rick wrote that one :o)

2002-10-19 20:49:28 ET

yeah i lovethatsong!!! yeah ricks theonly one outof the casualties i havent met yet shit ididntknow that hewroteit?

2002-10-19 20:52:45 ET

me either, but Jorge said it before they played it at a show i went to. i always get all weird when one of them walks by at a show, i have really only had a conversation with jorge.

2002-10-19 20:55:55 ET

yeah i got to hang out with him for like an hour anda half at warped tour
hesprettycool so is jake hes hella funny

2002-10-19 20:58:37 ET

i didn't make it to warped tour... i was kinda upset cause we don't miss them when they come to california, but my sister was being all gay cause it was "warped tour" and all this other bullshit. but we are gonna see them at the end of november a couple of times, are you gonna go?

2002-10-19 21:00:16 ET

yeah im gonna seethem on a wednesday atthe pound in san fran well hopefully ifmy moms notbeing afucking whore and letsme go

2002-10-19 21:04:24 ET

thats cool, i hope she stops being a whore, but you know how mom's are... she will proabaly let you go if you do the dishes or something like that.

2002-10-19 21:07:11 ET

yeah idunno ialwayshave todo the fucking dishes andsometimes shes like yeah you can go toa show if you dothem then like when there done sheslike no you cant gonow imlike wtf youdumb bitch
but yeah what show wastaht at withthepicsof the casualties in your thingy?

2002-10-19 21:11:16 ET

haha, my mom's like that sometimes too. they were when they played at the palace with AGT and Clit 45 :o)

2002-10-19 21:15:09 ET

shit i swear jorges wearsthesame fucking thing toall oftheir shows ive seenthemtwice now andheworethe same thingand now that isaw you picture of him he waswearingthesame fucking thing
hahaha oh well thats cool but yeah well im gonna gonow and have a cigarette so ihope that iget to talk to you again cause you seem fucking awesome solater!

2002-10-19 21:17:13 ET

haha, yeah. thanks, you too. good night.

2002-10-22 18:17:43 ET

i dont have that one downloaded dont i feel like an ass who doesnt know her punk music. *sigh* the effort to listen to electronica and punk can too much sometimes. doesn't matter cause i think betweeen all the dead kennedy, clash, ramones, a global threat,sexpistols, etc. im not a pop punk poser so proud im almost all out of that phase. question it okay to like emo and hardcore punk?

2002-10-22 19:06:06 ET

sometimes it's hard for me to think that you can like both at the same time... but the whole thing about punk is that your supposed to be diffrent and be yourself... who cares what anyone else says... but i don't know, like what you want, dress how you like. i just think you need to KNOW the history before you label yourself... i don't know if this is at all what you were talking about but uh... here it is...rant rant rant... blah blah bleh...

2002-10-22 19:48:37 ET

i think that you putit well said buti dunno i thinkits ok if she wants to listen towhatshe wants to listen to causei listen to pretty much everything except some shit like country and gospal shit buti do like other stuff idunno nevermindi dont know what the hell imtalkingabout

2002-10-22 19:53:15 ET

yeah, people are entitled to like what they want. but you know you get pissed off when you see those kids saying tha some shit band is punk rock... well you know what i'm talking about :)

2002-10-23 13:02:32 ET

yea the hardcore ramones fans in my school hate me cause i like jimmy eat world..i dunt understand cause i luv the ramones too

2002-10-23 14:03:41 ET

thats pretty gay, i hate when people pretend the are better than people cause of their music prefrences...

2002-10-23 16:55:53 ET

i know!

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