2002-12-21 08:21:59 ET

oh my god last night was so fun.... so yeah the usual thing happened and we went to this one really cool park and we were hanging out there and this one guy that im like kind of in love with was there and i told him how i felt about him and it was really cool because i was like yeah i dont want this to ruien our friendship and he was like it wont he was like im suprised that you say taht i was like alright and then like he kissed me and told me that maybe one day he'll feel the same about me and it made me smile but also cry on his chest at the same time it was pretty cool. but yeah i pretty much just made out with him the whole night and we had to stop my friend from you know ******** to much anyways then my friend simons mom gave me a ride home and i was about 3 hours late coming home but i dont really give a fuck because last night was one of the best nights of my life oh yeah and my brothers in rehab right now he got put there yesterday it sucks cause i didnt even get to say good bye but i get to visit him tomarrow and i think that he gets to come home for christmas but im not sure anyways i love ***** and last night was great

2002-12-21 08:40:44 ET

wow, sounds like you had tons of fun. thats really cool. um... was it Chris?

2002-12-21 16:02:44 ET

wow thats awesome...tell your brother "hey and good look with that rehab shit hes in" and oh yea...since i havent gottin your letter...i think next time you need to put Aaron's name on it..cuz since im new here..the mail man might not deliever it..which is gay.. so Aaron Jackson would be his name..but just put your name on the return address and on the back of the evenlope...write "for cyndi" so that for sure gets here :)

2002-12-21 17:24:51 ET

opps i did a double post

2002-12-22 08:43:09 ET

hahahahaa your a funny one cyndi

DEVOTCHKA- yeah it was chris

2002-12-23 08:09:56 ET

lucky girl, he is very attractive.

2002-12-25 19:21:55 ET

yes yes i know hes attractive hahaha but yeah i cant wait to see him tomarrow

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