Job Interveiw
2003-04-06 12:55:45 ET

yay everyone wish me luck... im about 10min i will be going to my job interveiw i might be getting a job at pizza hut i know its pretty lame but hey back off its a job that doesnt pay that bad.. i hope that i get it i really need a job so that i can get my cell turned back on.. anyways i saw the scariest fucking movie last night the movie the ring scared that shit out of me... after i was done watching it i started shakeing and then i tried to call my b/f but like some answering machine came on for a different number and it was strange so i checked the number and called him back again and the same shit happened i was like wtf anyways yeah well here i go ihope i get it.

2003-04-06 12:57:21 ET



2003-04-06 12:58:57 ET

it's ok....i work at saladworks....nothing is as lame as that.

2003-04-06 13:00:10 ET

hahahaha thanks

2003-04-06 13:07:05 ET

good luck *dances to the lucky song*

2003-04-06 16:13:05 ET

good luck amy!

2003-04-06 19:41:13 ET

thanks guys

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