running into your night stand sucks!!
2003-04-30 16:47:03 ET

i swear to god i am so fucking clumsy... first i ran into my night stand and got like 3 fat ass bruises on my left knee and then i ran into the side of the coffee table and then i was wretleing with my brother and my shin (i think i spelled that wrong) so my lower right leg hit this really hard part of my couch and now i have 2 big ass bruises there it sucks im so retarted but anyways being back at school sucks and im pissed that i have to go to summer school but oh well im pretty pissed at myself for having such bad grades this year this is like the worst grades ive ever had in my life but yeah

2003-04-30 16:48:05 ET

i have shit grades this year too.

2003-04-30 17:41:06 ET

its cuz im not there

2003-05-01 10:29:22 ET

i made bad grades this year. well in my definition they are bad. you will do better! :)

2003-05-02 12:27:51 ET

yeah my grades are awful i use to have 3 F but now i have 2 but oh well i can make them up during summer school

cyndi- yes dude its cause your not here

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