"sigh"    2005-01-20 20:38:35 ET
I dropped my Sg off today for the EMG installation, i got the bad news the second i got there, well it isnt BAD, just hard to take. i will have to manage to go on without it for about two weeks

oh how i will miss my SG, but i have no troubles, it will return...better

 Transformation    2005-01-19 17:48:58 ET
tomorrow is the day, when i get home from work i must go to the guitar store to drop off my SG for the EMG installation. Im not sure of the amount of time that they are keeping it, but i am sure that it will be the longest i'll go without playing it. im glad i have the Ibanez artcore, but it cant handle distortion, especially alcohol fueled distorion. how i will miss my SG

 Family Fued    2005-01-18 16:56:22 ET
today i got into a fight with the family, friday is my sisters sweet sixteen, woop dee fuckin doo, anyway, i dont wanna go to this thing, its not so much the partying, its the faggy punk ass wiggers her friends are, i cant take em. and now i have to sit in a room with them for 4 hours hearing fucking avril lavign and rap, id rather get an anal probe from a docter with parcanses disease, anyway theyre like, oh you have to go, its her special day. now im thinkin, whats so special, she'll be the same bitch she always is, they didnt like hearing that, but they know im right. well fuck it, im gonna sit this thing out, ill show up in all black with the MP3 player blastin, sittin in the corner, and oh yeah trying to avoid hiting some punk ass wigger

As far as her friends, and this goes for all you fuckin punk ass wigger{kids who wish thwy were black}, if one of you so much as pisses me off...

     2005-01-17 18:55:57 ET
today was cool, work was a real downer though, i think my toe is broken, its all purple and swolen, a six foot steel support fell on my foot, i couldnt even pull my foot out from underneath, i had to lift it off. Its painful to walk, but i'll manage. After work i met up with tetesuro, matt, and arlinton in union square at the virgin megastore. After a quick lookaround, we headed to the Tower Records on 4th street, where we purchased tickets for two shows. One, The Allman Brothers on March 14th at the Beacon theater on Broadway and 74th street, And the other, King Diamond, on April 20th at the B.B.King Blues Club on 42nd street. Opening for King Diamond will be a band called Black Dahlia Murder, never heard of em, but hopefully they will put on a good show. Along with that i was able to pick up "Boozed Broozed & Broken-Boned" its a live dvd of BLS in detriot, it was a hell of a show. The disc has alot of bonus material too, including music video's, behind the scenes footage, and yes, thats right, lessons by the Wyldeman himself, all for 15 bucks, fuck yeah!
I really cant wait for these shows, the last show i went to was in aug. That was the Thin Lizzy, Joe Satriani, and Deep Purple show, and what a night that was, i hope these shows are able to top that one

     2005-01-16 18:10:48 ET
FUCK DOUG BRIAN, cost the jets a season twice will you, he's out of a job, totally ruined my weekend, lemme explain how i feel to you punk loving non football fans, remember when kurt put a shotgun in his mouth? there that feeling
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