Ouch!    2005-01-26 18:15:53 ET
HAHAHA...route canal tomorrow, cant wait

 HeadBangers UNITE!    2005-01-25 18:50:34 ET
Lets all join Forces,
rule with an Iron Hand,
and prove to all the world,
that Metal rules the land..

Comment on this post if you consider yourself a defender of the faith, the faith of hard rock and what the brits call heavy metal.
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     2005-01-24 19:16:06 ET
Today, i purchased an On-the-Go amp. this thing is sick, its the Roland Micro Cube, and let me tell ya the name is misleading, this thing packs a BIG punch. It has Effects such as
1- Chorus
2- Flanger
3- Phaser
4- Tremolo
5- Delay
6- Reverb

This little amp can swing with the big dogs and fuck up anything its size, or even of greater size or wattage.
Whats great is the channel selection, it has...
1- Acoustic mimic
2- Jazz-chorus Clean (ajust gain to likeness)
3- Black Panel
4- Fuzz
5- Brit Stack, which has a reral nice velvety tone to it
6- Then there is METAL STACK, which in itslef is two different channels, one is classic, which has a real nice Sabbathy tone to it, Tetesuro enjoyed that one, And the next is R-FIER, which is just plain shredding the fuck out of your licks
Combine these settings with the effects and you have one kick ass amplifier, and for such a small amp, it gets loud. I got it at a deal too, it was on sale for 100, down from 129...not bad at all, better than a stupid pignose amp, those suck

Snowflake my boy, out of all the people who have come across me on Sk you stick out the most, The days are limited my friend, you must fill my mind with ideas of "EMG's are useless" and bullshit like that before i get them, truth is, my friend owns them, and i know they kick ass, just cause your guitar may suck, doesnt mean mine does, i think i smell jealousy, or is that a starbucks?

     2005-01-23 18:37:57 ET
what a weekend, got drunk on friday and jammed with tetesuro, good times, then on saturday, all hell broke loose, two-three feet of snow. Awesome though, i dont mind a little powder. So after shoveling i headed over to tetesuro's house and and helped him shovel snow. We then proceeded to the local "fish and chips" and got beer (remember that one) nothin much, a 12 pack of heinie', we drank, jammed, and watched movies. So later round 1am, Johnny Stillz shows up, so we decided to get shit-faced, it was our second trips to the local "stop and shop" of the evening. We purchased Heineken-12 pack, and Bud Ice, 18 pack, that really was shit beer too, it tasted like water, Keep in mind this is all in a terrible blizzard. So, it was me tetesuro, his bro, and johnny stillz, i was blasted after 18, great! Then it was around 4am when i just said "man, I wanna go out" and Ron (tets bro) was like OK, so we went to a local delicatessen ate and drank with our good friends who own the place...Abe, and mike. On the way back it was stil snowin', we were lookin at two feet, but it was all cool, Great weekend with the guys, Oh yeah and snowflake, My EMG's will be done soon, So hurry up and fill me with misery before i get them, i will never lower myself to you mother fucker...
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 1 pair of glasses away    2005-01-21 20:24:41 ET
you know, im so pissed, im gonna go with tetesuro down to the starbucks and grab a cup or two, then head to our 2:30 yoga lessons, after that, its off to the local ska shows for 3 bucks a band, but there are 11 bands, the show is a total of 34 minutes...quoting the great louis black, "i think ill slit my wrists to see some color"

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