2005-03-03 14:32:45 ET

Nu Metal- Derived from an earlier version of metal, Nu Metal shows it its lacks in quality guitar, vocals, drums, and songwriting...

Chalk one up for the metal gods...

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 snowblind    2005-02-28 15:13:31 ET
My eyes are blind but I can see,
The snowflakes glisten on the trees,
The sun no longer sets me free,
I feel the snowflakes freezing me,

However, the kick ass solo can not be said in words...

The snowstorm looks powerful enough to stop work tomorrow, but i doubt it.
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     2005-02-21 17:20:45 ET
Internet's been down in my neighborhood, it sucks, no service for the last week thanks to Time Warner, its funny. there was an area outage, and they didnt realize it or accept it untill they got more than a certain number of complaints

well its back up and running...for now

Anyway, spring training has started and i couldnt be happier to see that Baseball is just around the corner
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     2005-02-13 13:15:11 ET
im shakin' in my boots, you people take yourselves too seriously, i have no respect for someone i dont know, you seem to think that you might just scare me, its my job to be the one you hate here, and im glad, its not my fault i have a problem with some of you, i stick by what i believe in, and wont change that to get appreciation from the general public, thats just being fake and untrue to yourself, you see, i try to get others to like the music i like, instead of giving in to "what they listen too"

     2005-02-12 21:41:36 ET
you people fight like pussies, when someone is right, you block them, what the fuck

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