SDMF    2005-03-13 05:22:45 ET
It is now my mission, to make this leather vest.


 FOR SALE    2005-03-12 05:57:26 ET
Well, the house is up for sale today. It was creepy when i came home from work and saw the sign. but we have three families coming on the first day. which is today.

     2005-03-10 17:11:58 ET

Bus fare to the city...$2.00

Cab to the starbucks you meet at...$8.00

A large double-mocha latte...$4.75

Being "just friends" with the girl you just traveled 15 miles for...Priceless

 What a week    2005-03-09 18:02:28 ET
"Between this(Mafia-BLS), and the Priest album, its been a good week for metal" - Tetesuro

He's fuckin' right, its not often you have too much to listen to in a week

 Mafia    2005-03-08 14:45:58 ET
Mafia hit stores today, i got my copy. ANOTHER MASTERPEICE by the Wyldeman

Now its only 1 month till i see 'em live for the tour
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