boredom is such sweet beauty
2004-01-11 20:25:30 ET

stolen from TheKilted....

1) spell out your name with band names
Flogging Molly
Rob Zombie
Orgnarls (German band....good luck finding them)
The one and only Dropkick Murphys (cheating, i know)
Truth of Lies
Only i know

(i gave up after this)

2) have you ever had a song written about you?
Not directly for me...

3) what song makes you cry?
Angel by Sarah McLachlan

4) what song makes you happy?
The Gangs All Here by Dropkick Murphys

height: 5'8
hair color: Brown
skin color: White
eye color: Yellow/Green
piercings: I aint saying.....=P
tattoos: see above

what color pants are you wearing?: digital cammies
what song are you listening to: Amazing Grace of Dropkick
what taste is in your mouth?: Cloves
how are you?: tired as fuck

do you
get motion sickness?: Sometimes
have a bad habit?: Yup
get along with your parents?: parents, what are those?
like to drive?: Nope, but I do anyways...

non alcoholic drink: cherry coke
alcoholic drink: Guinness, Whiskey, etc.
thing to do on the weekend: sleep, drink, smoke,
repeat process

have you
broken the law: Yes
ran away from home: not saying =P
snuck out of the house: I think thats a yes
ever gone skinny dipping: of course!!!!
skipped school before: Uh-Huh
been in a school play: yep, EMCEE for CABARET!!!!!

your cd player has in it right now: Dropkick

when/what was the last
time you cried:when i lost jacob and relized i wasnt goign to be at his funeral
you got e-mail: I get spam every 15 minutes
thing you purchase:a candy bar

your thoughts on
teenage smoking: eh...dont care
spice girls: see answer to "teenage smoking"
dreams: "see spice girls"

2004-01-10 21:33:44 ET

YAY!!! i finally got a new picture in my gallery......scary picture though....

so true
2004-01-09 20:25:21 ET

You absolutley love to be romantic...rose petals,
candles, lights dim... ah. Just being in the
arms of your significant other is enough for

What type of SEX do You enjoy?
brought to you by Quizilla

wow...hit that one on the nail perfectly

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