it happened
2004-01-07 19:45:42 ET

here it is, the update i didn't want to make. my friend Jacob who was layed up in the hospital, died late last night after his organs shhut down to the point that his body couldn't live. his parents contacted me about 3 am thier time (east coast time for you staters) and let me in on the news. they sounded tired and weak, but happy knowing thier son wasnt in pain. They defintely have been strong through this whole ordeal. And to Jacob, wherever you are, you haven't left us...for you live in our hearts forever. Rest in peace

Jacob S. Turvey

2004-01-05 22:53:12 ET

LIK OMMIGOD!!!! i was running some errands today and this cute ass guy asks me what i collar pins look like marine emblems but they arnt so marines get confused by them all the time. so i tell him what i do and he asks if he can come by work and get some of them. of course i'll give you some of my pins i say.......alll the while thinking "as long as the cute ass marine comes by so i can stare at his good looking face again". o, did i metion my gaydar went off like there was no tommorow? lol...when he stops by im gonna ask if i could buy him good of a chance to pass up......

2004-01-05 19:08:34 ET

sweet i cherish thee let me count the ways....umm....ummmm....okay, being bored isnt all that much fun. so shoot, i didnt mean that chaplains maybe, but not me. more to come....if i dont start working that is *snicker* work....

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