2004-01-05 22:53:12 ET

LIK OMMIGOD!!!! i was running some errands today and this cute ass guy asks me what i collar pins look like marine emblems but they arnt so marines get confused by them all the time. so i tell him what i do and he asks if he can come by work and get some of them. of course i'll give you some of my pins i say.......alll the while thinking "as long as the cute ass marine comes by so i can stare at his good looking face again". o, did i metion my gaydar went off like there was no tommorow? lol...when he stops by im gonna ask if i could buy him good of a chance to pass up......

2004-01-05 22:55:15 ET

isn't gaydar the greatest? i inherited it from my cousin.

best of luck on this venture :) and if it works out you are expected to post at least one picture of his hotness ;)

2004-01-05 22:56:45 ET

many will come if i catch him......*snicker* if....

2004-01-05 22:57:04 ET

Gaydar is the funnest thing since cheap gropes while playing twister.

You go, boy!

2004-01-05 22:58:58 ET

:( i must have been supa lame..never got any gropes while playing twister

2004-01-05 23:00:11 ET

Or maybe supa cool, no one could touch you!

2004-01-05 23:00:27 ET

My gaydar is the worst. I think every boy is gay.

My sister's, though, is impeccable.

2004-01-05 23:01:09 ET

i know....she even scared me with it...

2004-01-05 23:01:56 ET

I've yet to be wrong with mine :) quite proud of myself. well and so is my cousins friend who was the one asking for my opinion hah.

But I want some cheap groping! I don't get any regular groping hah.

2004-01-05 23:02:20 ET

"I think every boy is gay."

Boy, I'd like to see the world through your eyes!

2004-01-05 23:05:12 ET

No you don't. The world through my eyes leads to one disappointment after another.

2004-01-05 23:09:17 ET

Master of the Inner Homo says: If your gaydar needs a tune up, use your eyes, and watch their's.

Its not quite as good, but it works. ;)

2004-01-05 23:11:14 ET

See, my Inner Homo is an accomplice with the universe, and they both like playing jokes on me, ala having boys give me their phone numbers and then having them turn out to be straight.

When things like this keep happening to you, you learn not to trust your instincts even if you have proof. :P

2004-01-05 23:12:15 ET

Oy. That's some bad karma.

2004-01-05 23:13:48 ET

Terrible. I virtually HAVE no Karma.

No matter. I still get good dancefloorsex every once in a while, which I will hopefully get this Thursday if Leo doesn't flake out.

2004-01-05 23:20:46 ET

Good dancefloorsex? That's so hard to find up here.

2004-01-05 23:23:54 ET

Oh I had the best dancefloorsex partner up until a few months ago. I mean the guy was delicious and a good dancer to boot. It worked nicely for both of us.

2004-01-05 23:27:30 ET

I feel so odd as i end up being the only girl on these posts *looks around*

2004-01-05 23:31:26 ET

i guess this might count....i used to do drag.....feel any better?

2004-01-05 23:32:02 ET

hmm...yeah that helps a little :)

2004-01-05 23:32:28 ET

Hon, you know I love you, but you as a girl is one thing that I'd be quite content never having to see.

2004-01-07 00:30:06 ET

good luck with supa cute guy!!! he sounds interested....and luuunch sound maaavelous! best of luck and twirl that pinky around and around ;P <3 <3 <3

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