it happened
2004-01-07 19:45:42 ET

here it is, the update i didn't want to make. my friend Jacob who was layed up in the hospital, died late last night after his organs shhut down to the point that his body couldn't live. his parents contacted me about 3 am thier time (east coast time for you staters) and let me in on the news. they sounded tired and weak, but happy knowing thier son wasnt in pain. They defintely have been strong through this whole ordeal. And to Jacob, wherever you are, you haven't left us...for you live in our hearts forever. Rest in peace

Jacob S. Turvey

2004-01-07 19:47:32 ET



2004-01-07 19:47:52 ET

*hugs* <3 much love <3

2004-01-07 19:57:25 ET

Yes, much love. <3

2004-01-08 00:32:34 ET

i'm so sorry to hear this...and though it hurts to update..just know SK is here to help you in the lowest of all moments......much love and hugs ! <3 <3 <3 saNdy

2004-01-08 03:49:32 ET

*big hugs* I'm very sorry for your loss. <3

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