damn those marines....
2003-12-27 18:28:19 ET

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i feel dirty.....and i like it.....::marines....drool::

2003-12-27 18:31:14 ET


2003-12-27 18:32:27 ET

haha my brother is a marine, but a few of his corps buddies are mighty fine!

2003-12-27 18:33:41 ET

you're telling me....trying working out with them....sweaty shirtless marines.....*major droolage*

2003-12-27 18:34:23 ET

damn, time to join the marines

2003-12-27 18:35:31 ET

haha I usually get to spend time with em when they're all angry and drunken and mad at the corps.

2003-12-27 18:35:56 ET

mmm even better

2003-12-27 18:37:38 ET

even better....a drunk marine is a happy one...which usally means im buying...lol

2003-12-27 18:38:38 ET

LoL I bet they love you then, cuz the marines I know sure love to drink!

2003-12-27 18:42:34 ET

with the job i do, it is my job to take care of them....just some of them like being taken care of in different ways.....

2003-12-27 18:42:39 ET

did you hear about the one marine that was so dumb the rest knew it?

2003-12-27 18:45:42 ET

no...thats a new one on me

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