2003-12-28 20:41:40 ET

i hate meetings....i never have anything to say. they always last to long.....cest la vi. another hour and im off! hooray for time off! down with uniforms....up with recreational drinking/smoking/sexing....damn im tired

2003-12-28 20:43:37 ET

but men in uniform are extra shexay! ;)

2003-12-28 20:46:22 ET

*yawns *

2003-12-28 20:46:43 ET

true.....specially my marines.....most of them you could bounce quater off their chests....and other places too *blushes*

2003-12-28 20:53:21 ET

Drinking/smoking/sexing? I really hope this doesn't mean you'll be doing all of them at the same time.

At least not without me there taking pictures of the phenomenon.

2003-12-28 20:54:32 ET

*drool* *passes out* wha? ...oh .hehe ..marines..yeah..*drool*

2003-12-28 20:57:40 ET

Tash! get up...

2003-12-28 21:01:52 ET

haha what'd i miss?? no nekkidness i hope *looks around franticly*

2003-12-28 21:02:52 ET

You missed me and Forgotton Youth having wild sex on top of a moving van.

Nothing TOO wild. We didn't want to fall.

2003-12-28 21:03:08 ET

if want pics let me know....i've got plenty >:) i also think we did a movie one night....i think that was the night where everyone had a bottle of 151 to begin with....and not a drop was left in the morning....

2003-12-28 21:03:53 ET


2003-12-28 21:03:55 ET

I would say I want pics but then again I probably don't. :P

2003-12-28 21:04:39 ET

but hes got such a nice tatoo...in the right place too ;)

2003-12-28 21:06:46 ET

This is making me want a g/f....:-(

2003-12-28 21:06:54 ET

dammit i always miss the fun :( *pitches a fit*

2003-12-28 21:08:08 ET

its okay hon...ill package you up one and send him your way....and they require so little feeding too!

2003-12-28 21:08:41 ET

poo Tash.

2003-12-28 21:14:40 ET

ooh i get one?? or someone else? did i miss something again?

2003-12-28 21:23:57 ET

lol....hows this...everyone that wants a marine gets one...sound good?

2003-12-28 21:24:27 ET


2003-12-28 21:25:17 ET

*dance of joy* sounds like a plan to me ;)

2003-12-28 21:35:35 ET

Oh my ailing tongue...

2003-12-28 23:17:19 ET

would that be buff or extra buff?

2003-12-28 23:20:17 ET

oooh i'll just have a regular buff..no extra for me.. haha like ordering some KFC, extra crispy or regular

2003-12-28 23:23:07 ET

lol....damn....and i was going to ask if you wanted that honey bbq or spicy...

2003-12-28 23:25:51 ET

i'll take some bbq :) ...hmm..or maybe spicy which would you reccomend?? haha

2003-12-28 23:39:44 ET

Fuck now I am hungry!

2003-12-28 23:41:15 ET

sowwy :(

2003-12-28 23:48:17 ET

Hmmm then fucking noises again

2003-12-28 23:49:30 ET

that's why you need your very own marine!

2003-12-28 23:53:38 ET

I have a b/f... I had a g/f now no one is WITH ME DAMNIT!

2003-12-28 23:55:52 ET

that's why you get your very own marine :) they come in quite handy, and are easily stored under any bed haha

2003-12-28 23:58:01 ET

Hmmmim hungry and i need of a sex toy stop while your ahead tash LMFAO.

2003-12-28 23:59:41 ET

see..the marine can cook for you, annnd you won't need the sex toy shop with one of them around ;)

2003-12-29 00:01:00 ET

I like cooking for myself.

2003-12-29 00:03:25 ET

well then take all the fun out why don't ya ;)

2003-12-29 00:04:30 ET


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