must sleep...cant stay awake
2004-01-01 18:14:37 ET

god....i havent put anything down in way to long. lets years eve was kewl. went out with some friends to hiroshima (where they dropped the first nuke) and had WAY to many drinks. it was all good though. got hit on by another cute it just obvious to them that im gay? most of them have better gaydar than they do....came home...had nothing of a hangover. found out my boitoi is switching duty stations:''( he'll be leaving next month...for san tom you better take good care of him...called home, found out a friend is layed up in the hospital (again, he has AIDS and has been in this hospital 6 times in the last year...) and it doesnt look like he is going to make it this thats it....overall a pretty crappy last few days...does life ever get better than this?

2004-01-01 18:17:54 ET

oh sweetie, i'm sorry about your friend...i've never dealt with AIDS..i hope i never have to. i'm sorry about him...

2004-01-01 18:24:22 ET

its okay....he's been ready for this for a long time....he's defintely ready to move on and finally get some peace...

2004-01-01 18:25:09 ET

I'm sorry for your friend as well, and hope he is not in too much pain.

2004-01-01 18:26:36 ET

they got him knocked up on morphine like its candy....the fact hes awake is a miracle in itself

2004-01-01 18:27:20 ET

<3 at least he is prepared, you know..i mean, i watched my uncle die.....the fact that he was prepared made it a little easier

2004-01-01 18:27:26 ET

*big hugs* peace will be the best for him I'm sure...I hope things work out for the best whatever that ends up being.

2004-01-02 02:06:44 ET

Sorry about your friend, love... Did I know him?

You should come to San Diego too. :/

2004-01-02 17:17:50 ET

::small update:: my friend (Jacob) is out in N. Carolina. i called his family about 6 at night thier time...he is deterorating (smack me for spelling, i know its wrong) fast. he's goign in and out of being awake and they've got him hooked up on painkillers that he controls. it's just a matter of time basically. he might make it through this week upcoming, but the doctors have done everything they can within reason. jsut do me a favor and keep him in your thoughts plz. thanks all for the support, defintely you guys have been a lifeline for me.

2004-01-02 17:28:21 ET

I'll certainly do that. Hang in there Josh. *hugz*

2004-01-02 17:36:03 ET

As long as he is safe and being taken care of... And I will keep him in my thoughts as well. <3

2004-01-02 20:10:35 ET

he is in my thoughts and prayers...*hugs* much love

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