scary huh?
2004-01-04 17:43:13 ET

im scared...arnt you?

2004-01-04 17:43:55 ET

What's worse is that she looked hot when she was younger. I guess when you live to be 350 you don't look so good anymore.

2004-01-04 17:46:25 ET

the worst part is i'm not even like her..........and im not talking in looks either ^_^

2004-01-04 17:47:12 ET

I wonder who I would be...

2004-01-04 18:14:24 ET

Hahahaha, that's amusing ^_~

2004-01-04 18:42:03 ET


2004-01-04 19:48:35 ET


2004-01-04 19:56:05 ET

HAHAHAHAA, and it gets better... I think I need to take this test. ;)

2004-01-04 20:07:35 ET

ACK!!!!! *RUNNING IN FEAR* wait....doesnt that mean you have no scrupels using your power to seduce people.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

2004-01-04 20:08:47 ET


2004-01-04 20:11:12 ET

yes you have scrupels or no you dont? head hurts fo some reason....

2004-01-04 20:12:14 ET


2004-01-04 20:13:44 ET

YAY!!! UP WITH NO SCRUPELS!!!!!! DOWN WITH MORALS!!!!! (And this is coming from some one working with the chaplain? almost seems TO perfect)

2004-01-04 20:15:23 ET

people working with chaplains are the most deserving.

2004-01-04 20:16:29 ET

2004-01-04 20:18:32 ET

now im really confused.....

2004-01-04 20:19:11 ET

so am i...

2004-01-04 20:19:27 ET

hahah you? haha i was like..umm wha?? and i even took it twice to be sure haha

2004-01-04 20:21:12 ET

*hands over a hooka* here you go...not like i ever used it.....*ahem*

2004-01-04 20:22:45 ET

do i get some pop tarts too?

2004-01-04 20:25:19 ET

and peanut butter, according to Robin Williams.

2004-01-04 20:26:37 ET

and dirty frenchmen make the best comedy routine known to mankind....other than republicans....but we wont go there

2004-01-04 20:28:58 ET


2004-01-04 20:30:00 ET cant even make smart ass comment on that.....

2004-01-04 20:31:16 ET

abe lincoln...hmm..that'

2004-01-04 20:32:18 ET

Don't worry, Mark. You know what they say about tall guys in tall hats... 4 score ain't just their history...

2004-01-04 20:35:41 ET

SaraSidel wins. Che Guevara was HOT.

2004-01-04 20:36:19 ET

I win!!! Whoot :) not only do i get a hookah and some pop tarts and peanut butter but i win too..hehe what's my real prize?? ;)

2004-01-04 20:37:41 ET


Ok, now discuss.

2004-01-04 20:38:03 ET

I thought the prize WAS getting Che as a result!

2004-01-04 20:38:38 ET

Mark: O_O

2004-01-04 20:42:12 ET

Tom: ?

2004-01-04 20:42:48 ET

yes I agree with Tom on the O_O

2004-01-04 20:42:53 ET

I didn't know Lincoln sexed it up with boys.

2004-01-04 20:46:31 ET

Oh, yep. He was one flaming president.

2004-01-04 20:47:28 ET

Not my type of guy. The beard really doesn't do it for me.

2004-01-04 20:47:32 ET

You know now that i think about it, I think we discussed that in high school at some point. i don't remember why..hah

2004-01-04 20:48:09 ET

Oh yeah, he was not by any stretch an attractive homo. But he can be a homo nontheless.

2004-01-04 20:49:41 ET

Don't think he would fit under my category of "dammit, why do they have to be gay" guys...

2004-01-04 20:50:58 ET

Although who knows, maybe back then people looked at that beard and thought "DIZZZAMN, I's wanna get funky wit DAT."

Um, just, you know, with a slightly less modern language.

2004-01-04 20:52:15 ET

Hahahahahahahaha, that's rich ;)

2004-01-04 20:54:00 ET

oh i'm sure dizzamn was the word of choice back then ;)

2004-01-04 20:55:17 ET

Fo' shizzle

2004-01-04 20:57:53 ET

o_O..........okayyyyyyyyy then.....

2004-01-04 20:58:31 ET

Fo' shizzle actually originated not in Lincoln's time but in Queen Victoria's.

2004-01-04 21:01:05 ET

and i thought i was a history major.......

2004-01-04 21:03:07 ET

"Raise da Roof", by the way, came from the pilgrims, who did, indeed, raise roofs on a daily basis, while waving their hands up and down and making "woo woo" noises.

2004-01-04 21:04:06 ET

Which reminds me of something I read today...

"Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness"

- '"Metrosexual" is at the top of an annual list of overused words'

- 'Also on the list was "bling-bling,"'

- 'Similarly banned was "shock and awe,"'

- '"LOL," the e-mail designation that means "laughing out loud," also has a place on the list.'

- 'Past words that have made the list include "chad" (2001), "paradigm" (1994), "baby boomers" (1989) and "detente" (1976).'

2004-01-04 21:09:45 ET

I'm so glad Metrosexual will be stricken from the record. I think that one's just dumb!

2004-01-04 21:11:26 ET

Though this is not likely for THE QUEEN'S benifit, the thought of her using a term like "bling-bling" makes me laugh.

2004-01-04 21:11:37 ET

Aren't you supposed to be in bed, Cheshire?

With your clothes off?

Waiting for us?


2004-01-04 21:11:52 ET

That won't stop people from using me.

2004-01-04 21:14:09 ET

I now tom... see Marks post "Giddy and Happy" for an explanation...

2004-01-04 21:16:39 ET

see now why didn't i get a prize like that..for winning whatever it was i won..

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