2004-01-08 18:25:40 ET

another boring day in the office.....i have way too many of these. bright side though is that i am getting ready to go down to australia for a month so if i dont update, dont just enjoying the aussie sun(and the aussie guys getting suntans....;). just another week and im gone...and the best part of today is that it's friday where i'm at so....NO MORE WORK TIL MONDAY!!!!!!! wow....can you tell i love my job?

2004-01-08 18:26:47 ET

poop on you. I have another day to go!

2004-01-08 18:27:15 ET

i have to start classes monday blech! so let us both have a wonderous weekend :)

2004-01-08 18:29:52 ET

at the rate im going i meeting up with a cutie at his place just to chill.....and the best part is he's knows i'm a little "different".....*crossing fingers for something good*

2004-01-08 18:31:12 ET

*crosses fingers too and adds a lil' pixie dust for extra help* :) i have connections ;)

2004-01-08 18:34:51 ET

lol....all i can think about is tinkerbell....

2004-01-08 18:37:05 ET

:) it was established in high school that i'm a pixie. hence my small stature and ability to be so damned cute :) haha

well that and i have a small (*cough not so small*) obsession with all things fae

so just call me Tink ;) i got your back :)

2004-01-08 18:43:12 ET

lol...thats so cute.....just watch where you point that wand...i've had a few bad experiences with things like that o_0

2004-01-08 18:44:29 ET

haha i don't have a wand :) real pixies don't need one so no worries :)

2004-01-08 21:16:39 ET

Boy, aren't you in the army or something? Go haul some sand bags, sheesh, you've got it better than me. =P

2004-01-08 21:18:13 ET

lol......try the navy that went to the marine corps......and then got placed on an air station.......i dont know what the hell i am anymore......=p

2004-01-09 00:00:17 ET

mmmmmmmm aussie guys *licks finger and puts it up in air* i feeeeel drooling coming on *drools on keyboard* stooopid imagination! <3

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