2004-02-22 20:02:43 ET

yay!!! new pics from down scared of the one of me in uniform.....i think i was drunk when they took it ;'

2004-02-22 20:04:06 ET

*dances around* suuupppa sexy :)

2004-02-22 20:05:32 ET

::blushes:: glassy-eyes....yep....i was drunk now that i think about it...::shurgs::

2004-02-22 20:10:19 ET

ah, you're still shhexay ;) oh and so's the aussie *nodnod*

2004-02-22 20:11:29 ET

*wink*wink* trust me, if you only could see more....

2004-02-22 20:16:27 ET

yes well...i doubt he'd want moi to see more haha

2004-02-22 21:28:02 ET

Nice pics!

You make me feel old. =P

2004-02-22 21:29:16 ET

*shakes spork at mark* been over this dearie you are not old! :P

2004-02-22 21:32:44 ET

::playful smack:: hell, if i think you're a hottie, you're definitely not OLD....decreped maybe, but not old...

2004-02-22 21:34:09 ET

Haha, yes - definately decrepid =P

I always catch myself thinking or saying "I remember when I was that age..." when around people in their teens.

and then I cut myself off with an "ah, shit...". Famous last words. ;)

2004-02-22 21:39:07 ET

I normally will go into this big long discussion on how i remember something and then realize I'm too much older than the people I'm talking to for them to remember...cause they all look at me with this look of pure confusion on their faces. Damn them!

Then there's gretchen who just tells me i'm too old.

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