hmmm, today just got better.....
2004-02-24 19:01:49 ET

yesterday sucked......i was told i had to get a flatmate because we have a new group of guys coming in and they need the room:( but it got a hell of alot better after I made a few phone calls....I found out I'm moving in with ::drumroll:: this guy;

and the best part is the boi "loves everyone ::cough::cough::wink::" the military is promoting the one thing they dont want to have in it....and they dont even know gonna have fun....

2004-02-24 19:04:24 ET

ah, the universe moves in mysterious ways

2004-02-24 19:05:21 ET

*dances around* sounds fun :)

2004-02-24 19:12:27 ET


2004-02-24 19:15:34 ET

hmmmmmm, i wonder if we'll keep the neighbors up.....::shrugs:: cest la vie!

2004-02-24 19:20:11 ET

*giggles* oh i bet you will

2004-02-24 19:58:51 ET

dont worry...i KNOw i will......lets see....there is the the the the many little time ;'

2004-02-24 19:59:56 ET

you forgot shower *nodnod*

2004-02-24 20:08:15 ET're right....and it's a shower/bath too.....2 points!!!!!!

2004-02-24 20:10:07 ET

oooooh fun stuff you are going to have a blast! i'm envious

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