random quote of the day....
2004-03-01 20:48:10 ET

Aristotle once asked "How does one measure a man's worth?"

He was promptly replied to with "A ruler you idiot"


2004-03-01 20:51:42 ET

So size matters?

2004-03-01 20:52:14 ET

heh i like that

2004-03-01 20:52:34 ET

that a retorichal (yea i know...but im a lazy speller) question or do you really want to know?

2004-03-01 20:53:39 ET

I'm going to keep it rhetorical cause I don't think I could handle the answer.

2004-03-01 20:55:56 ET

not from the navy guy stuck with the marines and drooling over every single one of them...i dont know...i think trying to get the answer would be fun!

2004-03-01 21:00:29 ET

*dances around* sorry i'm in an odd mood and feel like dancing on someone's page, apparently you get to be my unlucky victim since you've made me giggle so much tonight :)

2004-03-01 21:02:15 ET

teehee!!! what random dancing shall we do? riverdance? or perhaps some salsa.....

2004-03-01 21:03:14 ET

hmm...we did salsa last time...how's about some riverdance :) haha. it is close to St Patricks Day, and I am Irish after all :D

2004-03-01 21:05:28 ET

St. Patty was a Scotsman.

2004-03-01 21:08:16 ET

well i've got all my bases covered :) i'm both *does a jig*

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