2004-03-04 14:23:13 ET

omg I soooooooooo need this's my last one before i go to friend turns 21 this you can imagine the destruction planned for this weekend. AND...i moved in with the boi!!!!! the scary part is that he and i have been looking at the same guy that works next to my office.....but neither one of us told the other...creepy ;'

other than that, love, hugz, and smashed into bits by a semi puppy dogz :) <3

2004-03-04 14:49:10 ET

Moved in with the boi! Good for you!

I hope you have a fierce weekend. =)

2004-03-04 16:13:02 ET

*dances around all excited*

<3 much love <3

this weekend is going to rawk!

2004-03-04 17:20:24 ET

21 bdays are sweet... tho I'm not 21 myself yet, bartenders here are sooo cool.

Good luck with the weekend man ;)

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