hallah and crab juice.....no wonder why they became terrorists
2004-03-08 18:38:49 ET


2004-03-08 19:01:27 ET

I <3 your South Park person *nodnod* supa shexy..hehe

2004-03-08 19:08:42 ET

and the sad part is that i really look like that in real life.....2d and flat...0_o

2004-03-08 19:10:52 ET

you left out "supa shexy" dur! :)

2004-03-08 20:07:11 ET

You're not looking very 2-D here, good sir.

If I may say so, you are quite dashing.

2004-03-08 20:08:17 ET

damn me for not being a boy...*shakes head*

2004-03-08 20:12:22 ET

as thin as I am...trust me, im 2-d....you're talking to the guy with a 28" waist...

2004-03-08 20:26:23 ET

And you're talking to the other guy with a 28" waist. ;)

2004-03-08 20:33:49 ET

and if you say your 5'8 too...then i will be truly scared...in a good way ;)

2004-03-08 21:35:31 ET

Actually, I'm six feet tall.

2004-03-08 21:38:15 ET

eek!!!!!! ::FAINTS:: cute, tall and skinny......and why dont you have every guy falling over you?

2004-03-08 21:47:17 ET

That's very sweet, thank you!

Somedays I wish that was the case, but to get any attention in Ottawa it seems you need to be "in the scene" and I'd rather not - so I have a tough time meeting guys.

2004-03-09 18:46:08 ET

hmmmmmmmmm....maybe a i need to defect to canada...

2004-03-09 19:14:08 ET

To join an army consisting of four guys on horse-back, a row boat, and a crop duster? =P

Your implication is flattering.

If you wanted to be all fugetive-esque, I'd hide you in my appartment. Its got a stellar view of a lake.

2004-03-09 19:21:10 ET

sounds like the japanese military.....except it's not horses.....they upgraded to bikes...

2004-03-09 19:29:32 ET

Man, I expected better from the Japanese.

I know a guy from Singapore who was in the military there, and he used to fill my head with military stuff in that area of the world.

2004-03-10 13:06:58 ET

they really aint that bad...but they are bad...

2004-03-10 18:46:09 ET

tsk tsk...

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