's been a while
2004-07-04 18:28:21 ET

I swear i didnt fall off the face of the earth....really. I've just been caught up in alot of things lately. Between having to go work at the chief of Chaplains office in D.C. for about a month giving my expertise on Wicca in the Corps, to fricken being back down to australia....I swear they know I'm getting kicked out and are trying to abuse me as much as possible before they do boot me.

In other great news, im still here in japan, im still waiting on getting my stuff signed off so i can leave. This shit is the most annoying thing in the world. All this one 1-star general has to do is put his signature on ONE piece of fricken paper and im gone......

And to top this all off....90% percent of my friends from when i got here are so fucking bored with no one to do anything with....

::puts soapbox away::

i some weird need to have a hug right now...

Mood: pissed/alone/bored
Music: Dropkick Murphys/Alchohol

2004-07-04 18:35:18 ET

missed ya! ^_^ *bunches of hugs sent your way and a pixie kiss or two to brighten the mood*

i know how you feel about the lack of people around. all of the people I am close to don't live in the same state as me, cept my best friend who moved back but is now in Tennessee to get some more work done. it's hard not having people around.

but you know you always have us here at subkultures to turn to, though, it doesn't help tooo much it's a nice thought ^_^ cause we love you!!! hehe

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