2006-11-20 21:39:19 ET

Today was a great day!!
My math lab was all review for our exam on thurs so we got out early then i talked to my sociology teacher and figured out what im going to do my papers on, we had handed in bibliographies already but i did one completely wrong and figured out how to fix it :)I was actually excited to start on my papers.. wierd esspecially for me i usually start the day before.
Then in sociology he changed the due date from next mon to next wed and for only a 1% penalty we can get an extra four days!! That totaly made my day:D
And to top it off i got to see my uncle, we went out to dinner it was nice i haven't seen him in a long time, and he has a house 15 min away from where i am but its the first time hes been hoe for more than 2 days since july, he's moving next week but only an hour away so its all good :D

2006-11-20 21:43:11 ET

I hate to bring your day crashing down around you, but it's my duty to inform you that my sister cannot sing at all.


2006-11-20 21:47:47 ET

Also, you don't love me enough to comment.

2006-11-20 21:51:46 ET

I shall not let that ruin my day i think you've shown me that one before, its not just your sister the whole lot don't sound terrific, not that i would sound any better:P

2006-11-20 21:53:32 ET

I couldn't remember if I had shown you it before, so I thought I might as well do it again. ;)

2006-11-20 22:08:29 ET

I do so love you, i commented. Im slow, you seem to have forgotten this :P

2006-11-20 22:12:00 ET


If you loved me, you would send kittens.

2006-11-20 22:20:29 ET


2006-11-20 22:22:13 ET


2006-11-20 22:43:48 ET

My ears hurt T_T

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