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     2007-09-19 16:30:18 ET
I'm back at school and I stupidly took 5 courses, kind of overwhelming but hopefully I'll get more organized and it'll get a little better.
My room is so much nicer this year! theres actually room to move around :D
We had such weird weather this summer, when i finally got to go camping it rained most of the time it was pretty disappointing. I went to the virgin festival which was awesome then on a road trip with my friend. Other than that and my cousins wedding my summer was pretty uneventful and it was kinda nice to be back at school.

     2007-04-13 22:11:38 ET
HAHA no more classes only four exams left:D
I cant wait to be finished and go home maybe I'll actually get some sleep
and go CAMPING!! The only downside is having to get a job, and i think it will be dificult being around my sister all the time, but I'll get to see people:D
lol anyways
gah i think im getting sick:(

     2007-01-27 20:21:36 ET
I went to the billy talent concert last friday and it was amazing. moneen, antiflag, and raise against were also there. The whole thing was awesome, the only bad part was staying with my sister, she got me sick :( I had a really sore throat and there were a couple of days where i could hardly talk, which made doing my bio lab with a partner slightly difficult, but im getting better final :)
Im going to go see billy talent again when they come back in may, why not they're awesome i'll have no school and i don't know if i'll have my job back anyways.

I REALLY want to go camping, i don't even care about how cold it is. I wonder if i can find anyone who would consider going with me, i mentioned it to someone who thought i was crazy lol the look on her face
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     2007-01-09 21:09:22 ET
Wind, rain, hail,... SNOW!!!
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     2007-01-07 19:49:23 ET
It was awesome to have a break but i can't believe its already over :(
I just moved in to residence and am feeling particularily anti social which is always good;)
I had great fun getting drunk with my family over the holiday, my mom was esspecially entertaining and one of my cousins decided he had to sample pretty much all the alcohol in the house, even the vodka with cherrys in it that were probably about 15 years old. we had 14 people at our house and the cutest little dog, i really want a dog
My friend is trying to convince me to move to Halifax with her, the fact that we'd get a dog is a major selling point, is that sad?
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