2006-12-14 22:17:58 ET
Im finaly finished all exams!!! :D
And im going home on Sunday i can't wait i just hope the weather gets better so i don't get stuck here, stupid storm, it stoped snowing but its supposed to be really windy.

 SNOW!!!    2006-11-29 11:26:16 ET
One lab exam cancelled due to 'extreme weather' we'll see about the other one tomorrow :D On Monday the campus was closed but yesterday we did have classes and it took me half an hour to uncover and defrost my car, we have about a foot of snow here.
I have got almost nothing accomplished since it started snowing on Saturday which isn't great seeing as how i now have two 10 page papers due on monday that i haven't started and finals start next week but i don't care anymore, for some reason im not worried about it, i think its the snow

     2006-11-20 21:39:19 ET
Today was a great day!!
My math lab was all review for our exam on thurs so we got out early then i talked to my sociology teacher and figured out what im going to do my papers on, we had handed in bibliographies already but i did one completely wrong and figured out how to fix it :)I was actually excited to start on my papers.. wierd esspecially for me i usually start the day before.
Then in sociology he changed the due date from next mon to next wed and for only a 1% penalty we can get an extra four days!! That totaly made my day:D
And to top it off i got to see my uncle, we went out to dinner it was nice i haven't seen him in a long time, and he has a house 15 min away from where i am but its the first time hes been hoe for more than 2 days since july, he's moving next week but only an hour away so its all good :D

     2006-11-13 23:57:22 ET
Christmas is only 6 weeks away :) If only i could just skip over the papers and exams, that would be great. I can't wait to have a break from school and see people. I want it to snow, i love snow

     2006-10-18 22:34:42 ET
Had two midterms today, i think that the second one went ok but im a little worried about the first esspecially since the stupid teacher decided he's going to mark them at a third year level, no fair :(
Oh well im really glad there over!! After the classes finish i'm NEVER taking a sociology class again!!
And now i have a cold. But i'm going to visit my sister this weekend :) hopefully we'll manage to get along and not kill each other

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