2007-01-07 19:49:23 ET

It was awesome to have a break but i can't believe its already over :(
I just moved in to residence and am feeling particularily anti social which is always good;)
I had great fun getting drunk with my family over the holiday, my mom was esspecially entertaining and one of my cousins decided he had to sample pretty much all the alcohol in the house, even the vodka with cherrys in it that were probably about 15 years old. we had 14 people at our house and the cutest little dog, i really want a dog
My friend is trying to convince me to move to Halifax with her, the fact that we'd get a dog is a major selling point, is that sad?

2007-01-07 19:50:37 ET

Why bother moving to Halifax? She'll be back in a year or so anyways! (or less!)

Come back here and get a dog!


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