2007-09-19 16:30:18 ET

I'm back at school and I stupidly took 5 courses, kind of overwhelming but hopefully I'll get more organized and it'll get a little better.
My room is so much nicer this year! theres actually room to move around :D
We had such weird weather this summer, when i finally got to go camping it rained most of the time it was pretty disappointing. I went to the virgin festival which was awesome then on a road trip with my friend. Other than that and my cousins wedding my summer was pretty uneventful and it was kinda nice to be back at school.

2007-09-19 16:41:44 ET

wow, 5 month gap! Welcome back!

2007-09-19 16:43:00 ET

I've never known you to be overly organized!


2008-05-28 15:06:35 ET

Update your page damn you!! LOL

2008-07-21 12:23:34 ET

Ok, you haven't posted for a YEAR. GET ON IT WOMAN!

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