2007-04-13 22:11:38 ET

HAHA no more classes only four exams left:D
I cant wait to be finished and go home maybe I'll actually get some sleep
and go CAMPING!! The only downside is having to get a job, and i think it will be dificult being around my sister all the time, but I'll get to see people:D
lol anyways
gah i think im getting sick:(

2007-04-13 23:16:51 ET

No getting sick.

I'm glad you're, you know, ALIVE

Good luck on the exams!

2007-04-14 12:35:35 ET


Yay! I have two exams, and they're both open book.

*ducks to avoid flying objects that Lisa is throwing*

You can see meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

:( Stop getting sick!

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