It's just a flesh wound
2005-05-28 14:25:27 ET

while cleaning the house last night I topped my list of stupid ways I've injured myself. I cut my hand on a loaf of bread.

2005-05-28 14:39:57 ET

How is that possible?

2005-05-28 17:26:40 ET

was it really stale?!?! ive cut my mouth (top i guess) trying to eat stale silly

2005-05-28 18:37:50 ET

Try choking on a pecan cookie. I almost freaking died.

2005-05-29 15:44:52 ET

Yes, it was very stale.

2005-05-29 19:19:06 ET

was it band aid bad?

2005-05-29 21:39:13 ET

No, but I use superglue, not band aids.

2005-05-29 22:49:58 ET

haha you dont get stuck together? (finger/hand wise)
whenever i see the little superglue package with the constrution worker stuck to a beam.. i think ill never pry(?) anything apart with a touched anything

2005-05-30 11:42:11 ET

It's a funny thing; of all the surfaces that super glue works on, skin is actualy what it hold on to best.

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